BioShock 2 zaps fourth dev house

2K Games taps Arx Fatalis creator Arkane Studios to lend "design, animation, and art" expertise to story-driven FPS.


BioShock 2 is due to hit store shelves on November 3 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, and 2K Marin has had no shortage of help in seeing that happen. Along with tapping original BioShock collaborator 2K Australia for the game's technological component, 2K Games signed on Dark Sector developer Digital Extremes to craft the game's multiplayer component.

BioShock 2 has several cooks in the creepy, creepy kitchen.
BioShock 2 has several cooks in the creepy, creepy kitchen.

Now, BioShock 2 has picked up a fourth developer, as Arkane Studios revealed that it will be lending "design, animation, and art" assistance to the title. Based in Lyon, France, with offices in Austin, Texas, Arkane Studios is perhaps best known for 2002's well-regarded Arx Fatalis. Arkane also handled the original edition of Ubisoft's Dark Messiah of Might and Magic for the PC, which debuted to a measurably positive reception in 2006.

"Under the direction and leadership of 2K Marin, Arkane is assisting in the creation of levels that embody the aesthetic and gameplay ideals that make BioShock such a unique and exciting experience," commented 2K Marin producer Alyssa Finley on the collaboration. It is unclear when Arkane Studios was added to the project, and 2K Games had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment as of press time.

For more on BioShock 2, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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I wouldn't say BioShock was overrated, and it definately didn't have a bad story-line. I hope they don't lose focus on the story-line with all these developers now. It'd be hard to top the first one's story :P As for multiplayer, I reckon that's a pretty neat addition, as you get to see how Rapture was before everything went to hell, and during. It's gonna be a must-buy for me, either way.

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game is gonna be boring after a while! just gonna be a re run of number 1. nothing special i bet will be added, i bet they are just focusing on graphics and stuff, and not the plot. single player games need strong storyline, bio shock i guess had a OK storyline but it was hyped up because of it was a new approach to games. but if you do something over and over again it gets boring. Also from the sound of the interview with that crazy looking women that gave me the creeps, they adding some weak multiplayer in to extend the games life, and just focusing on visuals again, stating how they make the levels feel!!!! and 4 dev's Wat the heck!!! do you they really think the game is gunna be that successful when they added in a mp, so they are going to think because of the mp element everyone is going to buy the game, because some people didn't buy number 1 because it had no mp. i wouldn't buy the game when it comes out, because there something already out like it and it doesn't catch my attention that much but that's just my opinion. two many dev's involved for my taste, everything might not blend together well.

Avatar image for SonicEXE

To say it's the most overrated game this console generation is BS. there are plenty of games far more overhyped than this. it's all based upon opinion. I personally enjoyed Bioshock very much, however Halo 3 i was thoroughly unimpressed with, played it once and never went back to it. It's all based on how you interpret the game. Another good example, MGS4, i have no doubts it was a fantastic game, but a 10? and GTA4? a 10? there are many more games that are overrated, even if only a teeny bit.

Avatar image for hannify

'story-driven'? didn't think bioshock had much of a story tbh

Avatar image for Romanmoga15

I hope I can skip the credits at the end :) lOl

Avatar image for sonynhater

hmmm, maybe they should push it to october 2010...

Avatar image for Jamesp2005

Was just announced that Bioshock 2 will be delayed till 2010.

Avatar image for Roggirek

Lol, 4 devs? Gonna be some LONG credits.

Avatar image for Spikedjester

Lol I am suprised about everyone in the comments saying Bioshock is over rated. I always have thought this but I thought I was the only one. Good to hear people who agree. Yeah original I would have to say was about an 8.0. We will see what this turns out, if they nail multiplayer it could be good, and the story might be really good too, so time will tell.

Avatar image for mayceV

well if the original creator isn't helping then it will not be as good as the first. I beat the first and I'd give it about an 8.0 (my opinion you don't have to agree with me) anyway sure the graphics are better and you are a big daddy but I don't think its possible for them to make this game better than the first without the original creator. and if multiplayer doesn't have a class system where you can splice yourself to your best play style I think the multiplayer ill be a drab yeah sure you're survivors killin each other in rapture but that would get old really fast. Also If the story isn't as good as the first or even half as good then I might not buy it. They set themselves an Impossible bar with bioshock 1 they should have kept it a single game the ending was so perfect. But money leads game developement these days so....

Avatar image for abfackeln

Sounds like the game is getting rushed. This is a recipe for disaster.

Avatar image for gunslinger_boy

Bioshock was okay, but probably one of the most overrated games this console generation.

Avatar image for kvan33

Too many cooks now. I will be surprised if BioShock 2 is half the game the first one was.

Avatar image for sieg6529

I really don't care about online play, but I hope they can preserve the magic of Bioshock.

Avatar image for SupaTrupa

All the kids gotta have their online game! Ugh. Bioshock was really overrated any ways.

Avatar image for drangel_jam

They better have a great code. Online lag has killed way too many games.

Avatar image for CogSoldier486

Bioshock two is gaming to be great. I just hope you can us the thompson and all the other guns, too.

Avatar image for Tzunoy

I hope that Bioshock 2 will be better than the first but i doubt.

Avatar image for backatcha

Ken Levine (Bioshock's original creator) isn't helping with Bioshock 2. Bummer.

Avatar image for Cowlord361

When I bought the original Bioshock, I had all the faith in the world that it would be a great game. Now, after three playthroughs, my only regret is that I can't play for the first time again, and experience the confusion and fear that made Bioshock so compelling and fun. Whether or not I have the same amount of faith in Bioshock 2 is unknown even by me. For example, will that trademark Bioshock fear be there, when you're a huge big daddy that could rip someones body in half with one punch? I don't know. But, just like the original Bioshock, I'm going to keep the faith, and I feel that all other fans of Bioshock 1 should keep the faith that 2K instilled in them with their masterpiece of the strange.

Avatar image for Trogeton


Avatar image for PlayTogether

@ MSTHEAT1 You obviously haven't played the campaigns on Fallout 3, Half Life 2, Mass Effect and more! If Bioshocks 7-hour(ish) effort made you forget online gaming and your family, these games have campaigns literally 8 times longer (and more engrossing), which will probably make you curse yourself for calling Bioshock "THE BEST videogame i've ever played".

Avatar image for Pexalottle

HAHA! comes out in aus first, YAY for our aussie devs!

Avatar image for aaronobst

@ MSTHEAT1 Please tell me that you are strictly speaking from games form this gen or a recent memory perspective and not a best game of all time standpoint

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

Arkane Studios may be well-known for Arx Fatalis, but the comparatively pathetic Dark Messiah of Might and Magic was also developed by Arkane Studios as well, and it is more recent than the gem that was Arx Fatalis. First, there's the questionable choice of Digital Extremes. Now there is another partner, whose work quality may well have deteriorated over the past half decade or so. 2K Games may have top management who have lots of friends in Digital Extremes and Arkane Studios, both of which are VERY hungry for new projects.

Avatar image for MSTHEAT1

Bioshock was THE BEST videogame i've ever played and I'm a 47 year old arcade and original Atari/Pong era veteran. Until proven otherwise, people should line up in front of their gamestores weeks in advance of this new titles release. While playing the original,I forgot online gaming ever existed (I also forgot my family existed as well)! Can't wait for Bioshock 2!!!

Avatar image for THA-TODD-BEAST

I can't wait to play this maxed out on PC. I'm sure the story will be really good. I hope the multiplayer also lives up to the hype.

Avatar image for Rudorlf

Let's hope for the best that BioShock 2 will be one of the best games of all time, despite with the fact that this game is developed by multiple developers.

Avatar image for SalarianChemist

@Sheiko: You hit the nail on the head and made a very nice comment. Every person involved in Bioshock 2 plays a role in the success it will obviously experience. The first Bioshock was and is a great game. The second Bioshock has a lot to live up to, but with this type of hard work and dedication being invested into the game, I have every expectation that Bioshock 2 will offer an even higher level of quality than the first game.

Avatar image for Sheiko

As long as they each work on certain segments and not overlap it should be alright. I mean its not like microsofts strategy of million + 1 all working on same part of OS.

Avatar image for Baelath

Errr...I'm not exactly sure this is a "good" thing? It's a never a good sign when one sees different developers working on a sequel for a stellar game. Bad things happen to good games.

Avatar image for dmil1991

Uh oh... maybe it should be pushed to early 2010 to iron out all the kinks and to give it a better release window.

Avatar image for Digital_DJ_00

Hmmm... This isn't a good sign. Especially since we don't know when exactly Arkane was recruited to help, it could've been yesterday for all we know... Even more so when 2K hasn't agreed to a press meeting about the matter... All I know is that I was greatly dissapointed in 2K when they announced a Multi-Player addition for Bioshock 2. Ofcourse, this is what happens when Ken Levine (Bioshock's original creator) isn't helping with the sequal and 2K Marin is in charge of the project instead of 2K Boston/Australia (The original studio's and staff in charge of Bioshock's production) We'll see how it turns out I guess...

Avatar image for KA12NAG3

I agree with skyjax. I don't think that anyone should be worried. Bioshock 2 will turn out amazing.

Avatar image for bassmaniac20005

That's not a good sign. Four developers working on it? If they need more help they should just delay it. I'm pretty sure they don't want the game to be bad. But then again, I could be completely wrong.

Avatar image for jdhx

All I care about is that they don't screw up and make a very short campaign that you can beat in 6-8 hours because of focus on multiplayer. Not only a short campaign but a very poor written one. Gameplay shouldn't suffer either. This game is looking fantastic so far, I wouldn't mind it being pushed back a little though if it goes down to it. It might be better if they did in the long run but who knows.

Avatar image for Kman8909

It's like that saying "Too many cooks spoil the pot". Hopefully this isn't the case but this news is a bit of a red flag. Something's not right.

Avatar image for skyjax

has anyone thought that these 4 teams might be very skilled people?

Avatar image for greatcarbuncle

"trip onto a paint can and make a masterpiece" i've got to use that sometime...

Avatar image for Adam_the_Nerd

I thought they would get better teams for all this. I'm surprised because BioShock was so great, and if I remember correctly it didn't take 4 teams. These guys are rushing and basically hoping to trip onto a paint can and make a masterpiece again. I'm wary about this.

Avatar image for s4dn3s5

4 teams for a game, I'm pretty sure they are behind schedule and the release date is way too close... That's not a good sign, 2K should take more time and release the game in 2010...

Avatar image for diogocs94

BioShock 2 will be a great game, the multiplayer will be awesome and the campaign will be greater than the first game. Can´t wait.

Avatar image for Jakesta7

hmmm........ i dont kno wat 2 say. Im excited for it but hope they keep single player sweet!

Avatar image for eal-zubieri

i remember that bioshock was a nice game but it doesn't need all these developers.

Avatar image for MortalDecay

The question I have is why did they go to DE to do the multiplayer? The multiplayer on Dark Sector was boring, and very basic. I see 2K isn't too concerned about multiplayer, after all.

Avatar image for Genuine_George

I've got a bad feeling about this.

Avatar image for am_shaegar_nr1

If Arkane is involved then this will be a great game. Too bad that they are dropping their own project for bioshock. But....LONG LIVE ARKANE!

Avatar image for Kleeyook

Wow! Cool!

Avatar image for Rudorlf

WTF? I thought 2K can develop the whole game all by itself. Plus, even if this game sells very well and successfully, I might depict a few MAJOR problems. 1) Not enough profits for all four companies. 2) In the future, BioShock 3 will be developed by 7 DEVELOPERS!!! (OMG, in reality all we need is just a developer company or two to make an excellent game. More developers don't necessarily mean better gameplay.) 3) Nobody knows which company that develop on a certain area (e.g. Digital Extremes developing the multi-player component.) contributes the most or the least after its total sales, so splitting profits to multiple companies is a pain in the a**. How do we know that gamers like the game's single-player more than multi-player or vice versa?

Avatar image for Makhdoom82

So looking forward to this game