Bionicle store-bound

EA's Lego-inspired aventure game ships out today for consoles, October 28 for PCs.


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Console gamers can now explore the universe of Bionicle, the Lego-created realm inhabited by tribal robots. The GameCube, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 versions of the family-friendly adventure inspired by the toy line shipped out today, according to a release from publisher Electronic Arts.

Developed by Argonaut Games, the game Bionicle is set on the paradisical island of Mata Nui, where six cybernetic heroes known as the Toa must evolve into more powerful machines in order to defeat a sinister villain. Gameplay takes place in six distinctive regions of Mata Nui, including high mountains, great lakes, and mighty volcanoes.

As is to be expected with a toy tie-in, Bionicle is rated "E" for everyone. It also carries an MSRP of $39.99 for all console editions.

Although it will not ship until October 28, the PC version of the game will sport advanced lighting effects not available in the console versions.

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