Bionicle E3 2003 Preshow Report

EA's new action adventure game is based on the popular Lego toy line of the same name.


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One of the Lego Company's most popular toy franchises in recent history is going to become a game soon. Bionicle, the high-tech, story-driven Lego universe, is being made by Electronic Arts into a third-person action adventure game. Bionicle takes place on the island paradise of Mata Nui. The island may be fantastic, but the shadow of evil has fallen across it, and it is up to the six Toa, or heroes of destiny, to combat the malevolent forces at work on Mata Nui. The Toa have command of a variety of elemental powers, and through the course of the game you'll play as each one in turn, all the while helping them evolve into the super Toa known as "Toa Nuva." Eventually, you'll even discover the seventh and final Toa.

Bionicle will take place in six distinct environments, and it will feature a mixture of combat and puzzle-solving elements. You'll even be challenged to rescue island residents called Matoran during your travels. An assortment of action-based experiences will await, from surfing on a river of molten lava and gliding between trees to snowboarding down a snowy mountain and racing across the desert.

Bionicle is in development at Argonaut Games and is currently slated for a fall 2003 release. We'll bring you more information on the game as it becomes available.

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