Bionic Commando, Street Fighter IV hit PC in July

Grapple-happy action game and arcade brawler lead Capcom's Games for Windows push, with Resident Evil 5 to follow later this year.


Resident Evil
Bionic Commando
Street Fighter IV

PC gamers with a penchant for action are not unfamiliar with having to wait a few months after a game's console release to get a desktop port, as is the case with Capcom's Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter IV, and Bionic Commando. Potential purchasers will have to hold out a while longer, given that Capcom updated the release windows for the trio of PC ports today, with none of them arriving for at least two months.

Ryu is sporting one of the PC edition's three new graphic filters.
Ryu is sporting one of the PC edition's three new graphic filters.

Street Fighter IV and Bionic Commando will be the first PC ports out of the gate, with both arriving in July. In Street Fighter IV's case, PAL territories already have a concrete release date of July 3. Both games will also feature support for higher screen resolutions than their console counterparts, and the PC Street Fighter IV will include three additional graphic filters to make the game look more like its original stylized trailers. As for Bionic Commando extras, Capcom touts remappable controls, mouse-and-keyboard support, and DirectX 9 and 10 compatibility.

Unfortunately, PC gamers will need to wait a bit longer for Resident Evil 5. Capcom said only that it would be out later in the year. PC-exclusive extras are also slim at the moment, with the publisher mentioning only that the game would make use of Nvidia's GeForce 3D Vision technology.

For more on the PC versions of these games, check out GameSpot's coverage of Capcom's Captivate 2009 show.

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