Bionic Commando Premiere: Retrospective Video Feature

One bionic arm, nearly 20 years of history. We take a look back at the original Bionic Commando.


Bionic Commando

Unlike most game franchises that have been around for nearly 20 years, Bionic Commando hasn't glutted the market with spin-offs and half-baked follow-ups. In fact, apart from a well-received semi-sequel for the Game Boy Color back in 1999, the world has only seen Bionic Commando recently in compilation form. Thankfully that long wait for some new arm-swinging action is about to come to an end with Capcom's upcoming Bionic Commando for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Yesterday, we learned about how the process of creating this hot-looking game has been a truly worldwide effort, with input coming in on the game from Japan, North America, and Sweden. In today's video piece, we hear from Nobuyuki Matsushima, head of Capcom's consumer games division, about the history of the original Bionic Commando game, particularly what it was like working at Capcom during the development of that ground-breaking title.

Once you're done with the interview, you'll want to check out the first trailer of Capcom's upcoming sci-fi adventure game, featuring a healthy chunk of gameplay from Bionic Commando for you to digest until our next update on the game.

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