Biomutant For PS5 And Xbox Series X Launches On September 6

Owners of the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Biomutant can get the upgraded edition for free on Xbox Series X|S and PS5.


THQ Nordic has announced that PS5 and Xbox Series X|S editions of Biomutant will be released on September 6. In case you missed it when it launched last year, Biomutant takes place in a post-apocalypse environment where you control a custom furry anthropomorphic creature that is tasked with saving the world and listening to Richard Attenborough-like narration throughout its journey.

On PS5, Biomutant will have three graphic modes that players can choose from and enhanced haptic feedback features through the console's DualSense controller.

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Quality Mode caps the game at 30fps and a 4K resolution, Quality Unleashed renders the game at up to 4K resolution and averages 50-60fps, and Performance mode runs with a locked 60fps at a 1440p resolution.

On Xbox Series X, Biomutant offers native 4K resolution with up to 60fps, and 1440p resolution and up to 60fps on Xbox Series S. Xbox Series X gets the same graphical modes as PS5, while the Series S versions of those visual modes have lower resolutions but identical frame rates.

The good news for owners of Biomutant's Xbox One and PS4 editions is that they can upgrade to the newer versions for free, and import their progress within the same console family. On PS5, Biomutant will also make use of that system's Activity Card feature which provides a number of helpful guides and walkthroughs.

"While it might not always hit the mark, Biomutant is an ambitiously flawed game from a small studio, and the games industry could always use more risky endeavors like this one," Richard Wakeling wrote in GameSpot's Biomutant review.

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