Binding of Isaac sells 700K, console version teased

Edmund McMillen says $5 downloadable PC game reached sales milestone after arrival of Wrath of the Lamb DLC, hints at console release.


The Binding of Isaac

Edmund McMillen's $5 downloadable PC game The Binding of Isaac has sold 700,000 copies, the designer revealed in an email blast last night. He said the release of the game's Wrath of the Lamb downloadable content caused a "huge influx" in sales and pushed the game to its new sales milestone.

The Binding of Isaac is closing in on platinum status.
The Binding of Isaac is closing in on platinum status.

McMillen explained that the Wrath of the Lamb expansion sold a fifth of overall sales, or about 140,000 copies. This DLC launched at the end of May and added new enemies, rooms, bosses, and items. At the end of January, The Binding of Isaac had sold nearly 450,000 copies.

McMillen also spoke about the Wrath of the Lamb's launch, calling it "a bit rocky." He said, "the limitations of Flash and the abundance of items caused an infinite number of variables that we simply couldn't effectively test, and it kinda sucked."

He explained that the expansion's game-breaking bugs were dealt with on launch day, but another content update was still necessary. Wrath of the Lamb v1.3, which is available now, includes more items, bosses, enemies, music, secrets, and a "hard to attain final ending cutscene."

McMillen concluded his note with a tease of where The Binding of Isaac may be headed.

"700k is a big number," he wrote. "Maybe it's time to bring this thing to console ;)"

He did not elaborate further, but in March, McMillen said he was eyeing Sony platforms for a future release of the religiously charged game.

The Binding of Isaac is an overhead shooter that has players controlling a child named Isaac who must escape the clutches of his mother, who is trying to kill him. For more on the title, check out GameSpot's review of The Binding of Isaac.

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