Binding of Isaac Dev Reveals New Game

"Isaac? When Isaac!? Isaac? Isaac! Why!?"


The Binding of Isaac developer Edmund McMillen has revealed The Legend of Bum-Bo, the next game he's working on along with fellow collaborators James Id and Ridiculon.

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The game is described as a "turn-based puzzle RPG type thingy that's randomly generated," but further details on gameplay were not provided.

"James Id is programming and handling all the 3D aspects of the art, as well as a ton of other thankless work I'll take credit for," McMillen said in a post on the Binding of Isaac website.

"I'm designing, writing, and dealing with the 2D art and character design. Matthais and Jon (Ridiculon) will be handling the audio.

The Legend of Bum-Bo's stylised logo hints that it ties in to the Binding of Isaac in some way, and McMillen has also teased this apsect of the game.

"But why is this on the Isaac blog?! What does this have to do with Isaac? When Isaac!? Isaac? Isaac! Why!? Well I'm sure those questions will be answered in the coming months once we tease a bit more."

Platform or release date information was not specified.

Binding of Isaac was released in 2011 and has developed a large, passionate following. Since then a number of updates tweaking gameplay have been released. Its most recent expansion was The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth, a second version of this called Afterbirth† is also in development.

An iOS release of The Binding of Isaac was rejected by Apple due to its themes, which are religious and depict violence and abuse towards children.

In The Binding of Isaac players control a child who must escape the clutches of his mother, who is out to kill him after the voice of God commands he be sacrificed. The game's religious themes have also been the subject of some controversy.

Nintendo initially blocked The Binding of Isaac from launching for the 3DS due to its "questionable religious content." However, it later overcame its issues with the game it was released in 2014, uncensored, on Wii U and 3DS.

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