Binding of Isaac Could Be Coming to Nintendo Switch

Born again (again).

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The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ may be headed to Nintendo Switch.

In a blog post, the game's publisher Nicalis said that Isaac's upcoming expansion, Afterbirth+, is coming to "PS4, Xbox One, and one more console … [in] Spring 2017."

The post, written by the company's founder, Tyrone Rodriguez, went on to state that there wouldn't be any Wii U or PS Vita versions.

We know the Switch will be out in March 2017, which would fall within the vague "Spring 2017" window for Afterbirth+. While this blog post shouldn't be taken as official confirmation of a Switch launch, it looks likely.

The Binding of Isaac's last expansion (confusingly titled just 'Afterbirth'), released in October 2015, before making its way to PS4 and Xbox One in May 2016. The console port, Rebirth, launched in 2014.

We enjoyed Afterbirth here at GameSpot, with critic Maxwell McGee awarding it an 8. For more, take a look at our full Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth review.

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i got binding of isaac for free on plus long ago, its not a bad game, i tried it but the theme itself just drew me away. i mean sure, we can take bloody and disgusting monsters anytime, but a game solely based on poop and guts... i think they could've virtually made it of anything else and still deliver the experience, i just think its bad taste

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word of caution to nintendo.don't make the same mistakes the vita did.get more triple A games on board.

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Dreamcast 2 confirmed

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@sladakrobot: Sega wishes

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Some great news. I might pick up the Switch as my on-the-go console if they keep adding good games.