Binary Domain: Robots, Humans, and Robot-Like Humans

Do you like robots in your humans? Well then, Binary Domain might just be the game for you.


The year is 2080, and a violent conflict is bubbling between human kind and the machines. Throw into the mix some robots that not only look human but think they're human, and you get something not too far removed from Terminator meets Blade Runner. This is the fictional setting for Binary Domain, Sega's soon to be released third-person squad-based shooter.

Recently, we had the chance to sit down with the game and play though some of the early levels. Check out our gameplay movies below for some of the highlights.

Look out for the green security robots. They're less than friendly.

There are times when you need to rely on your squad buddies to cover you.

Issuing commands and using cover wisely is essential when battling groups of cybernetic enemies.

How do you defeat a giant robot, you ask? Watch to find out.

Sometimes war can have a lighter side! Take a look at some waterslide (sort of) action.

Has this footage gotten you excited for Sega's robot-murdering simulator? Be sure to let us know in the comments. Our review for Binary Domain will be live in the next few days, so keep your potentially cybernetic eyes fixed on GameSpot for the verdict.

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