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Bill And Ted Face The Music Director Gives Galaxy Quest Sequel Update

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Bill and Ted Face the Music director Dean Parisot explains what happened to the Galaxy Quest sequel.

In less than a week, Bill and Ted Face the Music will be released in theaters and digitally, reintroducing the world to a movie franchise that's over three decades old. For Dean Parisot, who directed the movie, revisiting a beloved franchise is a bit familiar, though.

Parisot has a long list of credits to his name, including the movies Fun with Dick and Jane and Home Fries. Chances are, though, most will remember him as helming 1999's Galaxy Quest. Since that movie's premiere, fans have clamored for a followup--and it's almost happened more than once.

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As far back as 2015, various cast members, including Tim Allen, have discussed the potential for a sequel, while Amazon Studios began developing a TV series in 2015 with Parisot involved. However, the death of star Alan Rickman in 2016 left the project uncertain. Still, Tim Allen commented at the time that the project was still in the works.

Speaking to GameSpot, though, Parisot said Rickman was central to the idea they were developing. "We were putting it together but then Alan Rickman died. He was sort of key to what we were doing and we just kind of lost our heart for it," he explained.

That said, Parisot believes it could happen eventually. He continued, "But it's not to say it can't come back. I have no idea. It's really about a script." What's more, the director would still be interested in pursuing a followup. "I would like to revisit it if it makes sense to revisit it," he said.

For now, though, this version of a Galaxy Quest sequel doesn't seem to be in the cards. That also seems to be the case with the version Paul Scheer announced he was working on in 2017. Scheer revealed that his take on the show would explore how fandom has changed over the years and continue the story started in the original film. However, that project was put on hold in 2018 and has yet to be updated.

So, for the time being, your best bet for new Galaxy Quest content is to watch the comprehensive documentary Never Surrender, which was released in 2019. The film is loaded with interviews from the movie's cast and crew, along with celebrity fans of the film.

For the right dose of nostalgia, though, you should also check out Bill and Ted Face the Music when it hits theaters and digital release on Friday, August 28.

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