Big Xbox One Smite Patch Adds a New Character, Spectator Mode Today

Khepri arrives.


The much-anticipated Rising Dawn patch has arrived for the Xbox One version of Smite, bringing with it a new character, the season ticket, balance changes (Ah Puch takes another deserved hit), and more.

Khepri is the game's latest god; he's a giant scarab who is capable of shielding nearby allies and, with his ultimate, preventing an ally from dying. Since being introduced on PC, he's been nerfed more than once, so expect him to be somewhat of a hassle to deal with until those updates arrive on Xbox.

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Also new is the season ticket. This is something that's been available on PC for some time, and allows players to earn fantasy points through purchases, winning games (with the accompanying loading frame equipped), and predicting winners of matches. These points can then be used to acquire various items, including wards and skins.

Another long-awaited feature is Spectator mode. This is currently in beta, but allows you to watch in-progress matches that anyone on your friends list is participating in. You currently can only watch live matches--the next patch will bring with it the ability to watch recorded games.

Other changes of note include a revamped VGS system (the in-game voice commands), a "major visual update" for Loki, an in-game friends list, teleport items (these let you warp to teammates or certain items), and a variety of balance tweaks. Most notable among these are another nerf for Ah Puch (his ultimate no longer slows enemies) and some tweaks to Bellona (she initially slows less, and can use her ultimate less frequently late in games).

You can check out the full rundown of everything in the update, including new skins and item changes, at the official Smite website.

Smite on Xbox One recently left beta after a lengthy testing period. Today, August 31, marks your last chance to merge your PC and Xbox One accounts.

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