Big-screen <i>Hitman</i> headlining Turok

Timothy Olyphant joins Donnie Wahlberg, Powers Boothe, and game-voice vets William Fichtner and Ron Perlman in Disney's upcoming shooter.


Olyphant in action in Hitman.
Olyphant in action in Hitman.

Today, Touchstone Games--a division of Disney Interactive Studios (nee Buena Vista Games) announced the voice cast for its PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 shooter Turok, due out next February. Though lead Gregory Norman Cruz (TNT's Saving Grace), who voices the titular dinosaur hunter, will likely be unfamiliar to most, his costars include some famous faces and voice-acting veterans.

Also appearing in Turok in audio form are Powers Boothe (Southern Comfort) and Timothy Olyphant (Go), who both had prominent roles in the critically acclaimed HBO series Deadwood. The two actors also have game connections: Boothe was featured in Midway's 2005 sci-fi shooter Area 51 (PC, Xbox, PlayStation 2), whereas Olyphant plays the iconic assassin Agent 47 in the forthcoming Hitman movie.

Another name on Turok's cast list includes one of the most prolific voice actors working in games today. Fresh off his turn as Lord Hood in Halo 3, Ron Perlman will also lend his trademark baritone to the game, just after he portrays the titular barbarian in THQ's Conan (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360). For over a decade, Perlman has worked on dozens of games, perhaps most famously as the narrator for the original Fallout, a role he'll reprise in Fallout 3 in late 2008.

Rounding out the Turok cast is omnipresent character actor William Fichtner, who was made famous in game form as slimy lawyer Ken Rosenberg in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and its sequel, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Boy-band-singer-turned-journeyman-actor Donnie Wahlberg will also make his game debut in Turok, which GameSpot previewed at the E3 Media & Business Summit in July.

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