Big Killing Floor 2 Update Out Now With New Boss, Class, Maps, and More

Square off against the Patriarch with the new handgun-oriented class.


Days after revealing what would be included in it, Tripwire Interactive has released a new update for Killing Floor 2, and it's another substantial one.

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The Return of the Patriarch update is headlined by the addition of a new boss--the game's second--named the Patriarch. The "Return" bit of the name references the fact that this is the boss from the first Killing Floor, although he's now equipped with some new attacks to keep things fresh.

Also in this update are two new maps, the Black Forest and Farmhouse, the Zed-conomy and Trading Floor Store, and a new character (which you can unlock for free by subscribing to the game's Steam group). There's also a new perk, Gunslinger, centered around pistols, of which there are several new ones (along with the new bowie knife and nail bomb).

Other new features and changes in the update include 74 more achievements, improved physics when players are killed (so that they can now go flying into walls, make crunching noises, and other gross things), and tweaks to some perk attributes. You can see the full changelog here.

The update is out now for free. Killing Floor 2 remains in early access, with a PS4 version still on the way.

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