Big Killing Floor 2 Update Adds New SWAT Class, Map, and FedEx Box Outfit

I think we all know what the real highlight of this patch is.


A major update for Killing Floor 2 has been released on PC today introducing a new class and map, along with a number of other changes.

The Tactical Response update's new class-or perk, in the game's parlance--is called SWAT. It comes with a number of new SMG weapons, as well as the tactical knife and flashbang grenade, which doesn't do much damage but can stun enemies.

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Also new is the Infernal Realm map, which looks to be set in hell. It started life as a community-created level but is released as an official map in this update. You can see some screenshots of it in the gallery above.

If you're more interested in changes to existing content, there's plenty of those, too. All previous perks have all been tweaked, with developer Tripwire saying Medic, Support, and Firebug have received "more in-depth changes to make their skills more balanced. The goal is to make every skill choice more interesting."

Various enemy types have been altered, too, with their damage resistance and behaviors being adjusted. Sirens now die more quickly and scream less often, but they do more damage. Dr. Hans Volter, one of the game's bosses, should now be easier to deal with, as his frenzy attack damage has been decreased 30 percent, and his evade speed has been reduced 15 percent.

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Finally, changes have been made to the in-game economy. Drop rates have been adjusted so you're more likely to get better items. There are a variety of new cosmetic items, including a character outfit called the Cardboard Knight. This lets you dress up in a costume made of FedEx boxes, albeit with the name of the game's enemies, Zed, being substituted in place of "Fed."

You can everything that's changed in the full patch notes.

All of this is available in a free update that's out now on Steam. Killing Floor 2 remains in Early Access, but will be leaving it on November 18, when a release on PS4 is also scheduled.

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