Big in Japan: Xbox 360 outsells PS3

Microsoft scores a rare win on Sony's home turf; Dragon Quest IX back on top of charts in a light week of new releases.


Usually, Microsoft and its Xbox 360 don't bear much mention in write-ups of the Japanese sales charts. The system typically jostles for the penultimate spot in the hardware charts with the aging PlayStation 2 and is represented in the top 10 software sales charts rarely.

Xbox 360 hardware sales jumped 68 percent week-over-week.
Xbox 360 hardware sales jumped 68 percent week-over-week.

The week of August 10-16 is a little different, as Microsoft sold 9,162 Xbox 360s in Japan, according to tracking firm Media Create. While not nearly enough to put the console in the same sales echelon as the DSi (87,936 sold), the Wii (47,732 sold), or the PSP (39,882 sold), the performance was substantially better than that of its closest rival, Sony's PlayStation 3 (5,944 sold).

Interestingly, the sales spike wasn't sparked by new software. The biggest Xbox 360 game of the week--the 21st best-selling placed Magna Carta 2--was released the previous week and failed to make the top 10 then. New releases were actually rare on any platform for the week. Full Metal Alchemist: Prince of the Dawn for the Wii had the best debut, and even that only pushed the anime-based game to the 25th spot.

With a light week of launches, the top 10 was taken over by established heavy hitters, the heaviest of which was Square Enix's Dragon Quest IX, which retook the top spot after spending two weeks looking up at the competition. It was a close shave, as Dragon Quest IX's 126,682 sold edged out Nintendo's DS Tomodachi Collection and its 126,136 sold.

Wii Sports Resort placed third with 104,972 sold, followed by Capcom's Monster Hunter Tri, which moved 92,865 copies in its third week of release. The previous week's champ, SD Gundam G Generation Wars for the PS2, slipped to fifth place, chalking up 57,427 more copies to push its two week total above the 200,000 mark.

Week of August 10-August 16, 2009
1) Dragon Quest IX (DS) - 126,682
2) Tomodachi Collection (DS) - 126,136
3) Wii Sports Resort (Wii) - 104,972
4) Monster Hunter Tri (Wii) - 92,865
5) SD Gundam G Generation Wars (PS2) - 57,427
6) Tales of Vs. (PSP) - 34,909
7) PuyoPuyo 7 (DS) - 28,965
8) Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP) - 26,955
9) Irodzuki Tincle no Koi no Balloon Trip (DS) - 17,956
10) Penguin no Mondai: Tenkuu no Senshi (DS) - 17,559

DSi - 87,936
Wii - 47,732
PSP - 39,882
Xbox 360 - 9,162
DS Lite - 7,921
PS3 - 5,944
PS2 - 4,907

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Murphy's Law could just come into effect after all. I hate to be the one to say it, but with the way things have been going. I've got this sneaking suspicion that the PS3 my actually pull somethings out that have been delved down deep within the core of the Sony Franchise.. Sora! Donald! Goofy! (Kingdom Hearts 3), Some good stuffs with God of War, and Final Fantasy 13 Versus ( or something like that). They've just scratched the surface thus far. Xbox has a lot to going for it, but Murphy's Law will happen. Anything that can go wrong with the 360 will. All I'm saying is that Microsoft shouldn't just take it easy. Sony could actually have a decent turn around this year

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i think sony is going down .. really.. and it might become just like sega, in its last days. i own a ps3 and i love it so much. and i think it's a good console 2 have but i don't see why it's like this. if the ps2 console is taken out from the list, that means the ps3 is in the last spot and that's not what sony wants. and i don't think the price cut is gunna change anything. MS has been stealing sony's exclusive titles since the xbox360 came out. those exclusive were sony's : tekken, resident evil, MGS, final fantasy "that's what in my mind right now, can't remember more" since that time, sony was losing it. and it's still. losing it

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Its called waiting on the slim and clearing the shelves of the remaining PS3's. You know, the stuff common sense is made out of.

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Isn't fanboyism over a product kind of sad... I am better than you because I spent my money on a McDonalds burger rather than on a Burger King burger, take that! yeah.... :lol:

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@ Arach666 Either you've been living beneath a rock for 2 years, or you have the mental capability of a three year old. As I've written before, the ps3 does have many great exclusives, but maybe you just aren't open enough to play them (These games areDisgaea 3, X-edge which might come state side for X360, but no word on it yet. There's also Noby noby boy (YAY!), Flower, Fat princess, Atelier Rorona which has been speculated to be coming to North-America and got great reviews in Japan, Yakuza 3 which got a 37/40 on kotaku, and many, many more JRPGs on PS3. I understand that you might be turned off by the wackiness of Japanese games, but that doesn't mean that those games cannot be considered good exclusives. Like GBPackersrule said, just cause you like or don't like a game doesn't make it good or bad.

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wow, i'm amazed people still judge greatness on how much something sells. look at nintendo. a quality game in their department only comes along once in many months. and it's the most popular somehow. yet the other consoles get great games every few weeks. even with this stuff, people still care about popularity.

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Hardly a surprise to me...360 as better exclusive games and PS3 is lacking on that department...(and many others by the way...)

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Yeah, cause most probably already own a PS3, and the 360 is cheap (in more than one way). ;)

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Wow I never thought in my wildest dreams that the 360 would ever outsell the PS3 in Japan that amazing and very suprising.

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Awwww, I think it's cute Microsoft are getting only last chance before the slim comes along and totally destroys what little they have left in Japan.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> According to Kaz Hirai, the PS3 slim is still losing money on console sales, and are hoping to earn back the profit through software sales. Good luck though.

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Japan already have Tales of VS? I did not know that.

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If any of these companies would send me a check, I actually might Nobody is going out of business(MS, Nintendo, or Sony) today, so "no big deal."

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@GBPackersrule "I am a PS3 owner, but stop speaking on our behalf a$$h0le. Who cares what a website gives it? GS gave Killzone 2 a 9.0 even though think it is just eye candy with no actual flavor. LBP? Jumping around and grabbing things. WOW. But that is my opinion and it stops there. I am not going to try to make you believe me. You love Killzone 2, I hate it. Stop kissing Sony's ass and see things clearly. Not every game has to score a 9.0 to be great I love Motor Storm and it only got a 7.6. The first Resistance only got an 8.6. I am no fanboy, but it really bugs me when you make your opinion as fact, and you try to cram your opinion down our throats. P.S 15? Dude I own a PS3 and I can't even think of 15. If that includes the games that aren't out yet, then you sir, fail. Because then you are just assuming it will get a 9. Just like every PS3 fanboy said Haze would destroy Halo, it sure didn't." Couldn't have said it better myself, although there still are alot of ps3 exclusives (inFAMOUS, MGS4, Resistance: Fall of man, Resistance 2 which wasn't as good as 1, but still kicked ass, Uncharted, Valkyria Chronicles, KZ2 and LBP. Disgaea 3 was given a 7.5 on GS and a 6.7 on IGN, which is complete and utter B.S. Disgaea 3 is one of the best games I've ever played, albeit a little short story-mode-wise, but it still is a shame that it got a 6.7 when games like GTAIV get 10s at every corner.

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Well, it would be nice if the Japanese widened their perspective a bit and gave the 360 more of a chance. I think they would like it as much as American's do. I have all three consoles and they all have benefits. I'm glad I didn't have some fanboy issue that kept me from buying a great system like the 360.

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@salarianchemist thank you for your recognition. i totally agree... i was just so suprised at the hardware and quality of first party gaming i found on the PS3. I only got it as it was cheap and i knew i could repair it. but i certainly dont regret it. The exclusives are amazing.... killzone 2 demo nearly made me choke! (is this real!?!?!?) but in reality... Sony have used unique hardware that nobody can develop for from the word go.... which is why it's heating up now. Sony's top games will be coming shortly, but with so many Wii and 360 owners out there... it may be in vein. as i said before... if you have the money.... buy all 3 consoles (or buy faulty ones and learn how to repair them and save yourself a packet) then.......... there has never been a better time to be a gamer. lee x

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@xXZak-ataKXx we all know that multi platform games look pretty much EXACTLY the same on 360 and PS3 (unless you're a weird boffin - i never got the gamespot comparisons.... load of rubbish... in motion... it all looks the same) I get all of my multi plat games on 360... cos theyre cheaper, as there are more pre-owned in uk than ps3 and i also know more 360 owners who will borrow me games etc All about exclusives keep in mind people... im a 360 gamer at heart..... but my new found love of the ps3 lies side by side with my 360 (clocked bound in blood on 360 today.... awesome!... drakes fortune on ps3 yesterday... equally awesome!) everyones a winner

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@lee1823: I agree with everything you said. This generation the Xbox 360 is the leader in the same way that the original Playstation was 15 years ago. Similarly, the PS3 is virtually identical to the Saturn was 15 years ago. Both the PS3 and Saturn were redesigned late in their development cycle after seeing the superiority of the competition. This resulted in both the Saturn and the PS3 being too difficult to program for and way overpriced at launch, which resulted in a lot of third-party support being lost. This generation there are so many games released for PC and Xbox 360, but not for PS3...and the Xbox 360 version often includes special features not found in other versions. Games like Grand Theft Auto 4, Fallout 3, and the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 prove this.

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@lee1823 i full heartedly agree. The ps3 does need more games,i also have a ps3.

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i gotta say this... is anyone here young enough to remember the original playstation hitting the shelves (along with the saturn) way back? the saturn was good.... but the ps was unreal! it was way better than even pc's could churn out! anyone remember seeing ridge racer? WOW! like an arcade in your home. my point being... we have to support ms and sony..... they are the nintendo and Sega of days gone by.....

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i just got a busted ps3 ( broken laser lens) and fixed it up.... i must admit (being a wii and 360 owner) the exclusives are awesome and really show the power of ps3 over anything else.... trouble is... i got it for exclusives and have already completed half of the great exclusive games in under a month (MGS4, unchartered, LBP, Lair, Resistance, siren, GT prologue ) i've still gotta get resistance 2, unchartered 2, killzone 2... Sony... you need more exclusives.... cos ur hardware is top, but exclusives and hardware price is why the 360 is winning. saying that.... cant beat havin the best of both worlds this will spark a number of flaming comments, sure, but theres never been a better time to be a gamer as we really have the best on offer across all platforms. peace lee

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@scarface dm I agree with you completely. The way Killzone 2 ended up being such a sales disappointment was terrible for Sony, and it made the "fanboys" look even more foolish. NPD Sales numbers showed that after 3 months on the market, Killzone 2 was already being outsold by Halo 3 -- a game that had been on the market for 21 months. Also, it's important to keep in mind there is a huge difference between Sony's word for "sold," which is synonymous with "produced," and the NPD number for "sold," which is synonymous with "purchased by a conumer." Sony may have produced large quantities of games like Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, and Valkria Chronicles, but those games really were sales disappointments -- as proven by the NPD sales numbers.

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Sure this new slim is going to sell more ps3 units but 360 Is still going to be selling some too, its just stupid to say ps3 slim is going to destroy 360 because it aighnt....Everything that comes out on ps3 sony fanboys act like its going to end xbox and doesnt...example Killzone2 supposedly was going to destroy Halo3 and which didnt end up being the guys need to shut up and play games because because you think spreading this garbage is helping your system but it actually making ps3 owners look like idiots!!

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Why so much anticipation of a price drop? its only £50, a game almosts costs as much.

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another possible reason that the 360 sold more is that its always breaking,so ppl need a replacement, if MS made a console that didnt break constantly i think there would be alot less 360's sold.

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the 360 is ok,but its only been a week, and with sony's new ps3 coming out soon. Things are going to change big time for sony. I personally like the ps3 better but im not going to be a B***H about it and talk on and on about how the ps3 is so much better than the 360. Because that isnt true. The systems are equall in my mind exept for one thing and that would be the 360 breaks all the time. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(i have both so i know this for a fact. But like i said,things are going to change in Sony's favor.

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It really is a shame that the arrogance of Sony did so much damage to the Playstation brand. Personally, I really do think it would be best for Sony to do what Sega did and focus on making software for companies such as Nintendo and Microsoft. I say that because its been 15 years since Sony designed a high-quality piece of gaming hardware that developers had an easy time working with. Both Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles had hardware that developers loved programming for. The only problem with Xbox "hardware" were related to production, but this is something the Playstation brand has also experienced problems with. The early Xbox 360 models had unusually high defect ratios that were higher than the industry average of 3% for a product (54%), the same can be said for the PS3 with its 10% defect ratio. Thankfully Xbox 360 Jasper models on store shelves today have solved this problem, and hopefully PS3 Slim models will do the same when they are released. And Nintendo's success with the Wii and products in general cannot be denied -- If only Nintendo had used the DVD player format with Gamecube, and used the CD-ROM format with the N64...there wouldn't even be a Playstation brand.

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Like Microsoft pointed out, even if the Xbox 360 never sold another unit, at the current rate of sales the PS3 would take until 2014 to equal sales of Xbox 360. It's safe to say PS3 sales will increase thanks to the price drop; however, we also know Xbox 360 is going to remain on the market. Sony needs to be outselling Xbox 360 in order to close the sales gap, yet Sony now finds themselves once again being outsold in Japan. Reasons like this are why the PS3 is going to end up a very distant last place this generation. There is even talk that Xbox 360 will reach 75 Million by the time this generation ends.

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Japan is now an incredibly small market, so it doesn't matter anyways. Third-party companies now refer to Japan as part of the Asian region, rather than referring to it as an exclusive region--the way things were in the 80's and 90's. The most important factors are: * Xbox 360 has achieved far more success in Japan than ever imagined at the start of this generation. Xbox 360 took a big step beyond that of the original Xbox. When the next Xbox product is released, it will be in a position to fight for a large percentage of the market from the start. * Xbox 360 completely dominates North American sales, and continues to outsell the PS3 each month by a wide margin * Xbox 360 is the top-selling high-definition console in Europe, and continues to outsell the PS3 each month. It will be very interesting to see how the price drop of the PS3 affects sales worldwide on a monthly basis. But there is no doubt that PS3 will remain a very distant last place this generation, because the sales gap is simply too large.

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@Attoyou "Better library ? is that why the PS3 has More Higher Rated Exclusives, then the 360 i bet you couldn't name 5 , 5 games that are exclusive to 360 and Aren't on the PC and not Planed for the PC (Halo 3 GoW2 and so on) that scored a 9.0 or higher from ign? i can name about 15 on the PS3" I am a PS3 owner, but stop speaking on our behalf a$$h0le. Who cares what a website gives it? GS gave Killzone 2 a 9.0 even though think it is just eye candy with no actual flavor. LBP? Jumping around and grabbing things. WOW. But that is my opinion and it stops there. I am not going to try to make you believe me. You love Killzone 2, I hate it. Stop kissing Sony's ass and see things clearly. Not every game has to score a 9.0 to be great I love Motor Storm and it only got a 7.6. The first Resistance only got an 8.6. I am no fanboy, but it really bugs me when you make your opinion as fact, and you try to cram your opinion down our throats. P.S 15? Dude I own a PS3 and I can't even think of 15. If that includes the games that aren't out yet, then you sir, fail. Because then you are just assuming it will get a 9. Just like every PS3 fanboy said Haze would destroy Halo, it sure didn't.

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lmao. I love console wars. i couldnt get through work with out reading all these comments. you kids make my day. I hate people saying get a life stop console wars. Gamespot would be so boring without them

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wow there must have been a outbreak of RRODs so the people had to buy new xboxs ;)

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@ rebound2 Yeah because instead of spending 2-4 years making a good story driven JRPG, they should pull the crap that most Western Developers do and create one game and release an edited version of it EVERY year (e.g Call of Duty, Need 4 Speed, EA Sports titles...ect...)

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@kamizuka by better online i mean ,that i get a better vibe playing online with my 360,they have the better online package out of the two consoles,it feels more natural on 360 than ps3,personally i just think they did a btter job with the 360 online talking and overall general interaction, and in response to your 1st comment ,no there wouold be no fight,most fanboy are sill little kids with clearly no life lol

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they have this big ad campaign << LINK REMOVED >> apparently, that bus is circling the otaku metropolis over the whole weekend why will it not sell!? that game will release in japan in 27

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@benashley I was simply pointing out that your reason is poor since it isn't substantiated by the rest of the sales data given. Dunno where you got the whole fanboy slanging match thing.

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@frazzle00, my comment was to put forward a possible reason for poor sales on Sony's part and to illustrate that it might not be down to the fact that Xbox might be more popular, it was never meant to be a definitive answer, hence why I started my comment with may be. I was hoping to start a proper debate as to why, rather than a fan boy slanging match and snotty remarks from people like you.

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The price drop may be immediate, but it still doesn't make sense to buy a PS3 when the slim comes out tomorrow.

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@Yuck_Too This is from last month not this hence the price srop not being counted. Also it's only becasue Magna Carta 2 a HUGE JRPG was released... and even then the 360 sales numbers were below 10k, so it's still rather poor. No PS3 titles in the top 10 because lets face it... the PS3 isn't catered to the Japanese audience, as no console should be now. They are stuck in the past spqning JRPG after JRPG and need to learn how to evolve.

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Forget the slim the price drop was how can the 360 outsell the PS3 after that? And still no PS3 titles in the top 10...Sony had got to be cringing.

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People have only just found out about the Slim. Why does everyone think that is going to make a huge impact on the sales of a PS3? It is still like £250 and I am sure that a lot of people who have been on the fence have ended up choosing a 360 by now. It does not even look that much nicer, I think people should be more happy with a price cut than the actual release of the Slim.

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worthless reporting. waiting for the Slim. obvious.

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@benashley Market saturation? You do realize that more Japanese gamers own a Wii than a PS3. Wiis are also just as reliable if not more so than the PS3. If market saturation were the cause of this drop in PS3 sales, surely the Wii would be worse hit.

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I think joynul hit the nail on the head.

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the PS3 is a really boring console, thats why Sony have to desperately change it only a couple of years after its release. PS2 slim and PS One both came at the end of their respective generations.

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errrr maybe everyone is waiting for the ps3 slim to come out

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May be sales of PS3's in Japan are down because the market for them is reaching saturation point, if everyone who wants to plays games in Japan has one and they don't break down to often then console sales will drop off. They should also look at sales of games proportional to their respective consoles. Im not a PS3 fan boy, i dont evening own one, in fact I'm a Xbox owner, but i find it hard to believe Japan would turn its back on its native console especially with all the titles (exclusive and multi-platform) coming out for it.

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not surprised at this, i am shocked at PSP though, game only seem to sell preowned psp games now, really shocked psp is selling well in japan.