Big in Japan September 30-October 6: Resident Evil 6

Capcom's sixth entry takes the top and fifth spots in Japan; PS3 overtakes Nintendo's portable.


Despite mixed reviews, Resident Evil 6 came out on top on its debut on the week of September 30 in Japan.

Zombies and QTEs beat JRPGs and soccer for the week.
Zombies and QTEs beat JRPGs and soccer for the week.

According to Media Creates' latest sales update, the PS3 version of the survival horror title sold 634,933 units for the week. The Xbox 360 version was at fifth place with 41,652 units sold. The sixth game was praised for its narrative structure, but was panned for its overemphasis on set pieces and execution of scripted events.

Capcom recently announced that the additional content on the game disc, specifically the No Hope difficulty mode and new co-op portions, is free and "incomplete" as it requires an actual download to work.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 also made its appearance on the list. The soccer title was at second place with 223,884 units sold. The game was praised for its pacing and ball physics, but was criticized for it single and multiplayer modes. For more information, check out GameSpot's recent article on the game.

Other debuts on the list included PSP RPGs Summon Night 3 and Sol Trigger. The former was at third place with 51,453 units while the latter was at fourth place with 42,037 units sold. Summon Night 3 is a re-release of the RPG with the same title that came out in 2003. This version features a new brave medal system and additional guest party members. Sol Trigger is a brand new RPG from Image Epoch. The game features a Sol system where party members can use Sol energy to do special commands and resurrect each other during battle.

On the hardware side of things, the PS3 took the top spot in sales with 42,218 units due to the fact that the Super Slim versions of the console came out on October 4. The 3DS XL was at 39,046 units while the regular 3DS was at 24,623 units. The PS Vita is below the 10,000 sales mark as it was 7,957 units for the week. Its cousin, the PSP, was just above it in sales at 17,769 units.

Top Japan Game Sales of September 30 – October 6

Rank / Title / Publisher / Platform / Sales Unit
1. Resident Evil 6 / Capcom / PS3 / 634,933
2. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 / Konami / PS3 / 223,884
3. Summon Night 3 / Namco Bandai / PSP / 51,453
4. Sol Trigger / Image Epoch / PSP / 42,037
5. Resident Evil 6 / Capcom / Xbox 360 / 41,652
6. Wagamama Fashion: Girls Mode / Nintendo / 3DS / 34,288
7. New Super Mario Bros. 2 / Nintendo / 3DS / 30,225
8. SD Gundam G Generation: World Over / Namco Bandai / PSP / 28,730
9. F1 2012 / Codemasters / PS3 / 14,454 10. Pokemon Black 2, Pokemon White 2 / Nintendo, Pokemon Company / DS / 12,208


PS3 – 42,218
3DS XL – 39,046
3DS – 24,623
PSP – 17,769
PS Vita – 7,957
Xbox 360 – 4,894
Wii – 4,849
PS2 – 894
DSi XL – 344
DSi – 330

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