Big in Japan September 12-18: Dragon Quest Collection

RPG collection for Wii takes down Namco Bandai's title; 3DS now at top of hardware sales.


Square Enix's Dragon Quest collection for the Wii--which contains the first three games and the Super Famicom revamps under one Wii disc to celebrate the game's 25th anniversary--has made it to the top of the Japanese charts, according to the recent Media Charts sales update for the week of September 12 to September 18. The game sold 263,398 units in its debut week.

Old school RPGing rules the roost in Japan.
Old school RPGing rules the roost in Japan.

Namco Bandai's Tales of Xillia title for the PlayStation 3 got bumped down to second place with 47,297 units sold. This is a sharp drop from the game's previous sales number of 525,605 on the sales week of September 5. Former top 10 entry Resistance 3 has now dropped to 18th place with 5,136 units sold. Wii titles were plentiful in this sales chart update, with Wii Sports Resort at fourth place with 15,109 units sold and Rhythm Heaven just behind with 14,647 units sold.

Over on the hardware side of things, the 3DS now returns to the top position with 58,837 units sold while the PS3 is close behind with 36,061 units sold. Even with two titles on the top 10, the Wii remained at fourth place with 15,406 units sold on that week, while the PSP stayed in third place with 25,122 units sold.

Rank/Title/Publisher/Platform/Unit sales
1. Dragon Quest Collection / Square Enix / Wii / 263,398
2. Tales of Xillia / Namco Bandai / PS3 / 47,297
3. Resident Evil: Revival Selection / Capcom / PS3 / 17,614
4. Wii Sports Resort (Wii Remote Plus Pack) / Nintendo / Wii / 15,109
5. Rhythm Heaven / Nintendo / Wii/ 14,647
6. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver. / Capcom / PS3 / 13,230
7. Kirby Mass Attack / Nintendo / DS / 10,888
8. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D / Nintendo / 3DS / 10,504
9. Grand Knights History / Marvelous / PSP / 10,078
10. Monster Hunter Diary Poka Poka Felyne Village G / Capcom / PSP / 9,378

3DS – 58,837
PS3 – 36,061
PSP – 25,122
Wii – 15,406
DSi XL – 2,869
DSi – 2,234
PS2 – 1,317
Xbox 360 – 1,295
DS Lite – 78
PSP Go - 7

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where is the vita in the chart???anyway i want Tales of Xillia and Grand Knights History badly in that list - they must come to na or europe or ill go insane

btw good for the 3ds to be on top even though its only one 3ds game in the top - and that is a launch title...

i already have the zelda and the kirby mass attack games

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@steelmouth Sales is sales; they will continue to provide games in every country as they can. Because that's business, even with low sales they will still continue selling western video games in Japan.

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great for the 3ds , it needed the bump in sales recent weeks, good bump for wii this week and ps3 as well , a drop to psp , wonder why , and no love for the xbox 360 --- as usual and the ps2 how is that thing still selling, time for ds to get the cut , and psp go seems to be laughing stock no suprise there

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@ fefisgbf13 Not until Tales of Graces F got release first. Scamco already confirmed that they are bringing the PS3 version to NA cuz it's the most complete version and give Wii owners here the middle finger to a NA translation of the original. Not sure if they will be generous enough to bring two Tales of games to NA in the same year for the same console. When it comes to the Tales of series, Scamco sometimes love to give its NA fan the middle finger. Not a single one of those DS Tales of games hit our shore at all either, not even 85% of those PSP Tales of games as well.

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Tales of Xillia will come to America? D:

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Will this Dragon Quest collection hit American shores? I've been waiting for a decent console release since Dragon Quest 8 in 2005 (I don't count Dragon Quest: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors). I would have liked to seen Dragon Quest 10 by now, but I guess a collection disk encompassing a the first three games that started a legacy will have to suffice.

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Top 3: awesome!

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Dragon Quest and RE: on the top of my list!

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it would be interesting to see the impact of Gears on ths weeks charts, if Gears fails then most likely western games would have no bussiness wasting thier time and resources in Jaban

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Oh yeah! Nintendo's back on top!!!

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7 PSP Go were sold!! Yey! That comes to a total worldwide sales of 19!

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@johny300 I'm with you.

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It's kind of interesting to see Non-tendo finally battling it out with Sony for the RPG fan bases attention. It's good we need more RPG varitety this gen and better late then never I say.

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Sharp drop for Tales of Xyllia because there's pretty much no one left without a copy. Now, bring it over Namco or else.

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Imagine when Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 releases, 3DS will sell like hot cakes :P.

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Nice to see Kirby hanging in there.

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3ds is maintaining decent sales which is good. Hope that DQ collection and tales of xillia get a translation.