Big in Japan Sept. 6-12: One Piece: Gigant Battle

Namco Bandai's four-player brawler leads relatively uneventful week, as PSP tops hardware with 30,000 units sold.


Anime isn't exactly a small thing in Japan, so it's no surprise that this week's Media Create chart leader is based on one of the most popular animated series in the country. Namco Bandai's four-player brawler One Piece: Gigant Battle for the DS topped the Japanese stat-tracking firm's sales chart for September 6-12, selling 131,854 copies during its first few days of availability.

Monkey D. Luffy was always a high flier.
Monkey D. Luffy was always a high flier.

One Piece's six-figure debut was the only impressive start for games this week. The next two best-selling newcomers--D3 Publisher's VitaminX Evolution Plus and Irem's Sengoku Efuda Yuugi: Hototogisu Tairan--managed eighth- and 10th-place finishes, selling 7,975 units and 7,407 units, respectively.

As for the remainder of the chart, Capcom's highly popular Monster Hunter franchise proved its lasting power, as MonHun Nikki: Poka Poka Ailu Mura for the PSP scored a second-place finish with 55,569 units sold. Nintendo and Namco Bandai secured the remainder of the top five, as Wii Party held a considerable lead over Ace Combat: Joint Assault, and Metroid: Other M sold just 11,239 units during its second week.

The hardware chart offered little in the way of noteworthy performances, as the PSP assumed its usual pole position with 30,761 units sold. The PlayStation 3 followed with 19,907 units sold, with a Nintendo triple play of the DSi LL, DSi, and Wii falling in at third, fourth, and fifth. The DS Lite, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, and PSP Go all sold less than 5,000 units.

Rank / Title / Publisher / Platform / Unit sales
1. One Piece: Gigant Battle / Namco Bandai / DS / 131,854
2. MonHun Nikki: Poka Poka Ailu Mura / Capcom / PSP / 55,569
3. Wii Party / Nintendo / Wii / 44,908
4. Ace Combat: Joint Assault / Namco Bandai / PSP / 12,667
5. Metroid: Other M / Nintendo / Wii / 11,239
6. Super Mario Galaxy 2 / Nintendo / Wii / 9,827
7. Art Academy / Nintendo / DS / 8,172
8. VitaminX Evolution Plus / D3 Publisher / PSP / 7,975
9. Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!! Spark and Bomber / Level 5 / DS / 7,640
10. Sengoku Efuda Yuugi: Hototogisu Tairan / Irem / PSP / 7,407

PSP - 30,761
PS3 - 19,907
DSi LL - 19,076
DSi - 16,345
Wii - 15,031
DS Lite - 4,328
Xbox 360 - 2,915
PS2 - 1,363
PSP Go - 809

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Avatar image for kitsuneouji

man, i wish one piece gigant battle come to the states! Looks like a real awesome fighting game and great for one piece fan as well like me ! xD Ikkei One Piece!!

Avatar image for WafflePrime

Looks like Jump Super Stars.

Avatar image for SonPan

Yay! Go One Piece. Now why cant it be brought to North America!! I want Unlimited Cruise and this game! Please...

Avatar image for BlackBaldwin

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I wonder why japan made one piece? i meen it is manga...but why japan? Japan Pirates One piece? I dont get it

Avatar image for wiidsduelpack

Wii Party will come in October. Lets see the sales it will get. Can it have 3/5 the sales of Wii Play, Play has sold over 20 million? / Can Donkey Kong Country Returns sell over a million this fall? Donkey Kong Country 1-3 all sold over a million in Japan

Avatar image for mariokart64fan

you know its bad when your new xbox console barely surpasses a 10 yr old ps2 and gets beat by 4 nintendo and 2 sony systems as well

Avatar image for formerroadie

Too bad the sales don't look the same in the states.

Avatar image for GameBeaten

I'm just going to take this time to say that One Piece: Unlimited Cruise needs to be released in North America.

Avatar image for green_dominator

PSP Go at 809 units sold.....that's just pathetasad......I guess a digital only games and media player isn't what anyone wants after all yet people buy smartphones wtf

Avatar image for Reaper-Creeper

Only 809 Psp Go's sold :P

Avatar image for Pete5506

Wow the PSP is on the top

Avatar image for cuchikapoor

I cannot believe there is not much difference between Xbox 360 and PS2 sales in Japan

Avatar image for cuchikapoor

PS3 as the top console

Avatar image for Oozyrat

I wonder if the 3DS will beat the DS sales or if the price is going to hurt it.

Avatar image for Tarfang2

i swear every person in japan must have a wii each and like 3 ds' each

Avatar image for kbaily

This was a pitiful month for gaming in general and since Japan isn't into Madden there wasn't much for them any to be dying to play. Though it's sad when the top selling game is a crappy anime tie in. I wish devs would put more effort into liscened games.

Avatar image for RealFabioSooner

For the people complaining that Wii Party is above Mario Galaxy 2, please, pay attention. This is a weekly chart. SMG2 was released months ago, Wii Party is brand new. OF COURSE it outsold SMG2 *now*. Doesn't mean it will outsold Mario in the long run. Presently Mario Galaxy 2 is getting near the 4 million mark while Wii Party didn't get to the 1st million yet.

Avatar image for RealFabioSooner

@wiidsduelpack Check your facts. Corruption has sold 900,000 in the Americas after 3 years. Other M is in the 280,000 mark (380,000 worldwide) in three WEEKS. At this rate, both will sell about the same in due time, that is, about 1,5 million. That's not close to CoD or Mario Galaxy, but it's more than a lot of praised games such as Bayonetta or Demon's Souls.

Avatar image for Kleeyook

DS sale beat PSP sale but PS3 sale beat Wii sale. Ps3 is finally catching up from slow start.

Avatar image for mariokart64fan

actually ds beat psp sales , ugh this chart is so far off it is not remotely funny let me put it to ya this way dsi is a ds , dslite is a ds and dsill is a ds add all these together for crying out loud mediacreate , , ds total 19,067 16 345 3 5411 0 4 328 3 9739 vs 31570 ds is clearly the leader also note ps3 sales dipped from last week nintendo wii stayed even at 15 thousand and some at this point in the race wii is the leader and will stay the leader

Avatar image for g1rldraco7

Weird sales.

Avatar image for wiidsduelpack

Metroid: Other M is a failure. The game didn't outsell Corruption in the Americas which sold 230,000 copies. / CoD preorder reviews say how big that game will be on 360, ps3, and even Wii.

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Hahaha... 809 PSPGo vs 30,761 PSP. What were you thinking with the Go, Sony??

Avatar image for windrazorx

They need to import some One Piece games in the US ;_; they made Battle DON for the PS2, why can't they made one for the PS3? D:

Avatar image for HungryLuma

Wow, Wii Party better than Super Mario Galaxy 2? Even though Super Mario galaxy wasn't THAT good --in my opinion-- Wii Party doesn't deserve to be any better than it.

Avatar image for somedude342

GOOOOOOOOOOO PSP!!! (note: NOT and I mean NOT psp go but the psp 3000)

Avatar image for Ranma_X_basic

As a fan of the series i pray this game makes it over here to the states. Last one piece game i played (and lucky to still have) was unlimited adventure for the wii.

Avatar image for Gamingclone

Wow Japan is crazy (in a good way) Wii Party has been selling at the top 3 like ever since it came out in (July? or was it June...).

Avatar image for KidComputer

Not a PS3 game in the top 10, wow. Nintendo is doing really well.

Avatar image for sman3579

Wii Party higher then Galaxy 2. :shock:

Avatar image for mario-nin-freak

Wii party isn't worthy of being above SMG2:P