Big in Japan May 23-29: One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP

Elastic pirates and Greek version of Dynasty Warriors nab top positions in this week's sales chart.


The vampire-stripping action game Akiba's Trip may have been number one in last week's Japanese charts, but it's been bumped down from last week's pole position in this week's sales positions, according to website Media Create. The PSP action game is now at fourth place with 16,582 units sold.

Taking first place is the 3DS remake of the episodic Wii title based on the One Piece manga/anime series called One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP. The action game, which lets players take control of the Straw Hat Pirates gang in a bevy of fights with the game's iconic villains in 3D fighting combat, sold 80,488 units.

Fans can now enjoy the thrills of a One Piece story in 3D.
Fans can now enjoy the thrills of a One Piece story in 3D.

The PlayStation 3 version of Troy Musou, which is essentially a Dynasty Warriors-style action game with Greek warriors and grittier aesthetics, takes second place with 31,428 units sold. Pandora's Tower for the Wii debuts at third place with 21,445 units sold. This newcomer pits players in the role of Ende who has to save his friend Ceres from dying from a curse by feeding her meat from slain beasts and monsters. Ende will have to fight these monstrosities in 13 towers and kill them using his Orichalcum chain and swords.

Other notables include the debut of Namco Bandai's puzzle game Treasure Report: Kikai Jijake no Isan, which resides at sixth place with 14,304 units sold. The former weekly king of the charts, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional, is at seventh place with 13,974 units sold.

While the PSP still remains on top in terms of hardware sales with 33,609 units sold, the 3DS got a big boost thanks to the One Piece title. The portable's sales number jumped from 17,240 last week to 24,283 this week. Otherwise, the numbers for the rest of the consoles have not moved much since last week.

Rank/Title/Publisher/Platform/Unit Sales
1. One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP / Namco Bandai / 3DS / 80,488
2. Troy Musou / Koei / PS3 / 31,428
3. Pandora's Tower / Nintendo / Wii / 21,445
4. Akiba's Trip / Acquire / PSP / 16,582
5. Nobunaga no Yabou Tendou with Power Up Kit / Koei / PS3 / 15,456
6. Treasure Report: Kikai Jikake no Isan / Namco Bandai / NDS / 14,304
7. Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional / Square Enix / NDS / 13,974
8. Patapon 3 / SCEJ / PSP / 9,134
9. Iza Shutsujin! Koi Ikusa / QuinRose / PSP / 9,008
10. Pro Baseball Spirits 2011 / Konami / PSP / 8,394

PSP – 33,609
3DS – 24,283
PS3 – 15,987
Wii – 7,438
DSi XL – 5,197
DSi – 5,106
Xbox 360 – 2,303
PS2 - 1,274
DS Lite – 139
PSP Go - 76

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nice boost for 3ds maybe its picking up steam now plus with the store open now , and games like zelda etc coming out like luigis mansion etc

Avatar image for iAmAbel

Why dont america have any one piece games! Alwayse a naruto game!

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hope they bring One Piece Unlimited Cruise to NA i really wanna slap the guy whos responsible for Region LOCK in 3DS

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@ zzamaro No worries. Good luck with finals; I'm doing uni exams myself :P

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While i like the one piece anime/manga series i will admit that i've never played any of the one piece games that were released here in the states. and the one i do want if for the Wii called Unlimited Adventure (which is kinda tough to find lol)

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LOL@PSPGO! not even a 100 xDDDDD To bad this game aint comming for america because I really wanted it :(

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Way to go psp go

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Always hated One Piece. Prefer Sailor Moon & Dragon Ball Z. Toonami come back to us!

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@SuprSaiyanRockr Thanks. It seems people got mat because I asked that, but I had to ask because I'm from Mexico and recently moved to the USA and well, I never heard of it before. Again, thanks. I'll check it out once I'm done with college finals.

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@ zzamaro A popular anime. Great stuff; great characters, funny at times, but serious when it needs to be. Epic fights. If you're going to check it out, I definitely recommend the subbed (Japanese) version. The English dub (translation) is far behind, and generally considered worse (at least, that is the case with the 4kids dub. If you really want to watch it in English, watch the Funimation dub; those guys also did DBZ in English). FYI, the series is partially inspired by DBZ, and has just reached over 500 episodes. If you want to check it out, I'd recommend watching it online. Just google 'One Piece episode 1' or something. 500 may sound daunting, but trast me, it's awesome.

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I don't think that One Piece game is coming to NA. But we get a ton of Naruto games every year. I'd like some other anime to make a game that comes to NA.

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@wazzmalo Same here, I want that One Piece game so bad. We need more One Piece games here in the US.

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I want that one piece game. Anybody know if it's scheduled for a North American release?

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slow and steady wins the race psp go

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One Piece? What's that?