Big in Japan March 14-20: Dynasty Warriors 7

Koei's action game continues selling as top 10 software sales cut in half, hardware sales down roughly 30 percent in first full week after devastating earthquake.


In the wake of the massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami that struck Japan March 11, games were a relatively trivial concern for a country facing tens of thousands missing or dead and a crisis at a nuclear power plant, and beginning what is sure to be a lengthy recovery process. That's reflected in the sales data, as Media Create today released its retail figures for the first full week after the quake, showing a sharp dip in hardware and software sales.

Dynasty Warriors 7 is lighting up the charts like Sima Shi lit up the armies of Cao Feng.
Dynasty Warriors 7 is lighting up the charts like Sima Shi lit up the armies of Cao Feng.

For the week of March 14-20, the top 10 best-selling games combined to sell fewer than 211,000 copies. The previous week's top 10 sold nearly 491,000 copies, with the best-selling game, Koei's Dynasty Warriors 7, topping 250,000 copies sold on its own.

Dynasty Warriors 7 took the top spot for the second straight week, thanks in part to the earthquake-prompted postponement of Sega's zombie-ridden crime game sequel Yakuza: Of the End. It wasn't a great week for the games that actually made their scheduled launch dates for the week, with Konami's Powerful Golf for the DS having the strongest debut, selling 10,125 copies and finishing in ninth place.

There wasn't much movement near the top of the charts, as Dynasty Warriors 7, Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy, and Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle repeated their gold, silver, and bronze finishes for the week. It was the fourth straight week in third place for Level Five's 3DS launch title. The second-best-selling 3DS launch title, Nintendogs + Cats, slipped a spot to sixth place after three straight weeks in fifth.

Hardware was similarly down, though that would be expected in part as the Nintendo 3DS entered its fourth week of availability and the launch frenzy continues to cool. Media Create tallied 139,099 systems sold for the week, compared to 200,364 sold the week before. The 3DS retained its spot atop the charts with 61,394 sold, while the PS3 overtook the PSP for second place, though both systems' sales totals were down significantly week-over-week.

Rank / Title / Publisher / Platform / Unit sales
1. Dynasty Warriors 7 / Koei Tecmo / PS3 / 67,475
2. Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy / Square Enix / PSP / 31,058
3. Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle / Level Five / 3DS / 18,470
4. Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity / Sega / PSP / 16,175
5. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd / Capcom / PSP / 14,773
6. Nintendogs + cats / Nintendo / 3DS / 14,726
7. SD Gundam G Generation World / Namco / PSP / 14,263
8. Way of the Samurai 4 / Spike / PS3 / 13,807
9. Powerful Golf / Konami / DS / 10,125
10. Hanaoni: Koisomeru Koku - Eikyuu no Shirushi / Idea Factory / PSP / 10,021

3DS - 61,394
PS3 - 26,623
PSP - 22,911
Wii - 9,724
DSi LL - 7,452
DSi - 6,513
PS2 - 1,638
Xbox 360 - 1,619
DS Lite - 625
PSP Go - 600

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NGP is going to take first When it comes out!!! 3ds watch out! Cause we got Dynasty warriors!!!

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bandtnt : DW is a game set in the Three Kingdoms era. It is about Chinese history. I'd recommend trying on of theses games out, there are demos on the PSN. Not everyone likes it, but i'd have to say, despite awful review, theses games are a mainstay power. I find them extremely enjoyable. DW: Strikeforce on PS3, while a PSP port, is one of the most fun I had with games last year. They also have a series that's situated in Japan, called Samurai Warriors.

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So even when an earthquake/tsunami ravages a country the Playstation 2 still sells more than the Xbox 360.. That console is legendary :D

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mariokart64fan tellling others they don't make sense? That's a new one. Listen troll, ever since 3DS launched, the only thing you've been barking about is PSP being finished which will never happen. PSP ain't going nowhere regardless of what you think and any 3DS title has YET to reach the #1 spot. 2.4 million pre-orders that has NOTHING to do with Japan. READ the damn title

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neo what u said made no sense, yes because of the earthquakes it got lower every system was affected this week , read , its still a success , its already got 2 .4 m online preorders according to vg charts article which nintendo noted was 2x the amount wii sold ,, at launch preorders online again this dont count what sold today in the usa in stores

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i never played any of these DW games is this a chinese Crusade game?!!!

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Wow... Dynasty Warriors 7 at # 1?.. How? I have a ton of those games but after having hope that the game will drastically change for the better after this many games I just can't keep faith in the franchise anymore.

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only 61,000 3ds sold, even when taking into account the earthquake seems a little low. 3ds demand isn't all that high yet? I wonder if the system is sold out at most places. Can't wait for mine tomorrow.

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Only 2 more days till Dynasty Warriors 7 is out! =D

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3ds is making sure psp is done for lol

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I hope Dynasty Warriors 7 is good.... I will like to play a good DW games..... the last good DW I played that imo was good was DW 4 and it was a long long time ago... I hope DW 7 doesnt disappoint me...

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I hope the USA version of Dynasty Warriors 7 could finally pronounce Cao Cao correctly this time. But then again, if Westerner could screw up the pronounciation "Jesus"....

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Looks like I misread that; Either way, 250,000 games sales in total is still baffling to me. I thought they didn't even have enough electricity to play them???

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Despite not having time for gaming, 250,000 DW& copies jumped off the shelf. Must be the it game for the quarter. I've got my copy bought and paid for, and htis makes me happy that Koei will most likely be making some rubles on this one (when don't they, though?) Hopefully Japan springs back soon; the nightly news does everything they can to make it sound more dramatic and serious than some of the problems might be, but the fact of the matter is, the country is crippled and needs some love. I gave a little at a benefit in Toronto. It's good to know that part of what I paid for my Glenfiddich on Ice went to a good cause...and not just mellowing me out this time :D

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Heck ya I'm happy to hear DW did pretty well in Japan I already have my copy brought and paid for can't wait to try her out this coming tuesday!

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@amaan4ever that's because the company that tracks sales in the USA, which is NPD, only does monthly data, while the company that tracks sales in Japan does it weekly. Speaking of that, NPD is total crap compared to Media Create. They don't even give numbers anymore :(

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i dont get it Gamespot is an American site and it gives weekly update on Japanese sales but only monthly updates on American sales.

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I wonder what this version of Dynasty Warriors will be about.......


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They dig the handheld stuff in Nippon.

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PS2 ABOVE X360!!! :D

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Fix'd. PSP FTW

Avatar image for mariokart64fan

wow psp sales dies off quickly ds original almost sold just as much combined lol , wii stable at 9 k plus sameas last week but wii 2 shouldnt be to far off

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I know games have to be the last thing on there mind. I hope they get back on their feet soon.

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I'm waiting for a Dynasty Warriors game that actually gets decent reviews, hopefully this is it.

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I enjoyed a few of the DW games that were somewhat difficult. A few were just to easy. DW7 looks pretty good from what I've seen if that's a type of game you enjoy. I've played the Romance of the Three Kingdoms games a lot before I played DW so I guess that added some depth to the characters in my experiences with the game.

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i dont believe this not a single fps in that list? wow

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dynasty warriors=square,square,square,square,square,square,square,square,square,square,square,square,square,square,square,triangle

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I hope Japan gets back on her feet soon, it's truly a tragedy that has befallen the island nation.. and the faster she recovers the better.

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3DS does seem to be cooling down since there's only a few games in the top 10 now compared to launch week.

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look look ps2 beten the xbox360 lol xbox360 pp gone red lol

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I got Dissidia 012 a few days ago, and it's keeping me busy at the moment. I will give DW7 a try soon. :D

Avatar image for michaelP4

Hopefully the markets will stabilise again in time. Nice to see DW7 is still at the top. It's really the only game I'm looking forward to at the moment. :D

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How about cancel it immediately using this earthquake as opportunity Sega!? Yakuza of the End might not just be the end of Yakuza franchise. :P

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Cant wait for Dynasty Warriors 7

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im gonna help by buying some games.....

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If you love games and everything Japan has Done for us you should really donate to the Red Cross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!