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Big in Japan June 18-24: Pokemon Black/White 2

New iteration to Pokemon Black/White bumps PS Vita RPG from top spot, outselling it 50:1, PS Vita sales cool down.


Nintendo's Pokemon series never fails to grab Japan by storm sales-wise, and the latest update to the Media Create sales chart proves to be no exception.

The monster battling series returns to the top of the charts.
The monster battling series returns to the top of the charts.

Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 for the Nintendo DS took first place on the top 10, bumping down former top dog Persona 4: Golden with 1,561,738 units combined. The new versions of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White introduce new locations in the southwest part of the Unova region, a Pokemon World Tournament that lets players fight every gym leader and champion from past generations of the series, and a Pokewood scenario that lets players put Pokemon in movies.

Persona 4: Golden was bumped down to third place with 29,293 units sold. Tokyo Jungle clung onto fifth place with 18,715 units sold to slot in at five, while the PS3 versions of Dragon's Dogma and Lollipop Chainsaw capped off the end of the top 10 list with 9,162 units and 7,898 units sold, putting them at nine and 10 respectively.

New titles that made their mark for the week were Kenka Bancho Bros. Tokyo Battle Royale for the PSP, which sold 21,797 units and took fourth spot, and K-On After School Live!! HD version for the PS3, which sold 13,581 units to place at six. The former is an action game styled like a classic beat-'em-up where players control one of the two brothers who has to clean up Tokyo of crime. The latter is an HD update of a PSP rhythm game based on the hit anime series.

On the hardware front, the PlayStation Vita lost its momentum from its previous sales record and dropped down to 13,589 units as a result. The 3DS got a slight increase in sales to 68,056 units.

Top Game Sales of Japan For June 18 to June 24

Rank / Title / Publisher / System / Units
1. Pokemon Black/ White 2 / Nintendo / DS / 1,561,738
2. Dragon Quest Monsters : Terry's Wonderland 3D / Square Enix / 3DS / 58,228
3. Persona 4 The Golden / Atlus / PS Vita / 29,293
4. Kenka Bancho Bros. Tokyo Battle Royale / Spike Chunsoft / PSP / 21,797
5. Tokyo Jungle / Sony / PS3 / 18,715
6. K-ON After School Live!! HD Version / Sega / PS3 / 13,581
7. Mario Party 9 / Nintendo / Wii / 13,339
8. Mario Tennis Open / Nintendo / 3DS / 13,036
9. Dragon's Dogma / Capcom / PS3 / 9,162
10. Lollipop Chainsaw / Kadokawa / PS3 / 7,898

Hardware Unit Sales
3DS: 68,056
PS3: 15,680
PS Vita: 13,589
PSP: 8,954
Wii: 6,127
Xbox 360: 1,073
PS2: 1,065
DSi: 900
DSi XL: 704

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