Big in Japan July 27-Aug. 3: Monster Hunter Tri-umphs

Capcom's Nintendo exclusive action-RPG dethrones Dragon Quest IX, sparks a jump in Wii hardware sales; Gears of War 2 debuts in sixth place.


Since its July 11 debut, Dragon Quest IX for the DS has dominated the Japanese sales charts, selling more than 3 million copies in its first three weeks of release. However, tracking firm Media Create has released its figures for the week of July 27 to August 3, and the Square Enix role-playing game has been usurped by another franchise that has been particularly successful in Japan.

Monster Hunter Tri will be released internationally next year.
Monster Hunter Tri will be released internationally next year.

Capcom's Wii-exclusive action role-playing game Monster Hunter Tri took the top spot on the charts for the week, selling 520,138 copies in its first two days. The game was available on its own or in a bundle with Nintendo's new Classic Controller Pro in black or white color schemes.

Dragon Quest IX was a distant second, selling 179,612, with Nintendo's Tomodachi Collection for the DS (82,144 sold) and Wii Sports Resort (65,536 sold) following in third and fourth. The Mario maker also managed to land a third title in the top 10, with the latest Chibi-Robo on the DS selling 23,113 copies, enough to land it in ninth place.

Monster Hunter Tri wasn't the only new face on the charts. Puyo Puyo 7, Sega's latest DS entry in its long-running puzzle series, landed in fifth with 51,750 sold, followed closely by a rarity on the Japanese top 10, an Xbox 360 game. Epic Games' Gears of War 2 debuted at number six with 48,656 sold. That put it slightly ahead of a new PlayStation 2 Neon Genesis Evangelion-themed Pachi-Slot game (41,848 sold) and From Software's Armored Core 3 Portable for the PSP (40,971 sold).

Just as Monster Hunter Tri overtook the top spot from Dragon Quest IX, so too did the Capcom game's platform overtake that of its predecessor. The Wii racked up 95,357 systems sold for the week, besting the DS's mark of 73,710. The high-profile new software wasn't the only factor driving sales of Nintendo's console during the week; the game maker also just released the system in a new black hue.

Week of July 27-August 3, 2009
1) Monster Hunter Tri (Wii) - 520,138
2) Dragon Quest IX (DS) - 179,612
3) Tomodachi Collection (DS) - 82,144
4) Wii Sports Resort (WII) - 65,536
5) Puyo Puyo 7 (DS) - 51,750
6) Gears of War 2 (360) - 48,656
7) CR Shinseiki Evangelion: Saigo no Mono (PS2) - 41,848
8) Armored Core 3 Portable (PSP) - 40,971
9) Okaeri! Chibi-Robo! Happy Richie Oosouji (DS) - 23,113
10) To Heart 2 Portable (PSP) - 21,528

Wii - 95,357
DSi - 73,710
PSP - 33,049
DS Lite - 12,027
PS3 - 8,760
PS2 - 3,617
Xbox 360 - 3,552

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Okay, so Japanese gamers still prefer rehashed trash to actual new content. Any other 'news' for us?

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No surprise Monster Hunter is doing so well. Now if only they'd port it to PS3...

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Stop Stop Stop I cant take any more of these half baked comments. The X360 has always sold poorly in Japan even its predecessor the Xbox sold poorly it has nothing to do with RROD or the games released on it because their have been plenty of JRPGs released as X360 exclusives. Owning an X360 isnt proof of fanboy maybe they bought it for one of those JRPG exclusives.

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As a point there are a million 360s in Japan, yes it has a proportionally low userbase but I'd have expected more of those 360 owners to have bought Gears 2, after all if you own a 360 in Japan you really are a true fan boy. Still it's nice to see after all the gloating of PS3 owners when it was beating the Wii in sales due to certain software release that they are now down to selling less than 1/10th of the Wii in a week.

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@grove12345 Actually, you seem to have missed that PS3 sold well over twice as many as the 360, which lags behind a near 10 year old console: not so selective, perhaps, lol. PS. I have a 360 (a Halo one), and don't have a PS3, ergo I've no vested interest in "bashing", other than a fear that every time I play on Halo 3 or SFIV it'll be my last.

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@lbz_007 There is a few reasons for that.Many have have to do with the very large releases of jrpgs and special japan only games that only come out on the ps3 and ps2.Even the psp gets many of them. Second of all most xbox's games just dont suit many of the typical japan gamer's taste.The only reason it started selling well is because of Tales of Vesparie and Lost Oddessey(however that is spelled).Oh and dont forget Infinite Discovery, that was a big part of it too.Xbox 360 just isnt supported in japan much.

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"Those trying to get their heads around why the 360 sells so poorly over there need look no further than the car industry: "want your car to start in the morning: buy Japanese; other wise buy" ok so why is PS3 sales doing so poorly too. Made in Japan, and many japanese gaming companies made it big thanks to PS1, PS2. but looks like Japan gave up on the PS3.Shame I think its a great system. Looks like the 360 bashers have selective hearing. Im actually surpised 360 is selling that well. PS2 is still big in Japan, and seeing 360 numbers pretty close to the PS2 is a shock..

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Those trying to get their heads around why the 360 sells so poorly over there need look no further than the car industry: "want your car to start in the morning: buy Japanese; other wise buy French" (Topgear Driver Survey). The games industry should adopt the maxim: "want your console to scratch your games up and bath you in the warm glow of a ring of red LEDs, buy American". Surely they're just refusing to buy a faulty console, and maybe the rest of the world should follow suit.

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@Gornax the reason it sells the least is because its the least popular in japan, you're just using the reason wiis are starting to slow down in sales as an excuse for the 360 XD

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I really want this game...

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Have to give Gears of War credit for making the Top 10 on a system that appears to have almost no install base in Japan. Really, 3500 units? I think my local Best Buy sells that many in a week. Also amazing: a remake of a visual novel (To Heart 2) cracking the Top 10. Would that even make the Top 1,000 here in the U.S.?

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What no PS3 titles?...and the best ranking is 7th for a PS2 game that's gotta sting Sony.

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Reason why xbox sells the least is because everyone allready got it.

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and all those japs gonna BANZAI with lancer!

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finally someting good for wii and they release it onoly in japan , now we can wait until 2010 for the game outside of japan

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crap, Crap, CRAP!!!! Why'd it have to be a Wii exclusive, of the three consoles, it has the poorest online service. I think Monster Hunter is all about multiplayer...I don't understand the exclusivity choice

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0_0 more than half a million copies in 2 days? damn, that must be one badass game.

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Monster Hunter Tri, ugh, can't wait for the PS3 version.

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Laggy Asia Internet FTW? (Gears 2)

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lol. that game is big in japan. it's not big here. so why is it on this site lol?

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Its not suprising that the Wii has the most hardware sales in Japan, but what i really struggle to understand is why the Xbox 360 sells less than the PS2.

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Saw this at the store today.. was wondering what it was

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I don't think people understood I was being sarcastic.

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@Mental_Gear thumbs UP!! :) FPS sucks a lot they just do the same over and over again boosting graphics! nothing more to see on sequels make some quality RPG's with good action not those Japanese ones that also sucks!!! remake FFXII taht was great but im hope for Dragon Age... lets see...

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Virtual_Erkan LOL are you kidding right ?!? By WCG japanese players are second on shooters only losing for americans. Btw i can't wait until they release a english version , good i am in advanced class on japanese. I will have to buy the japanese version. Wtf ?!!? just now i saw it , how ps2 sells more than xbox 360 ? Just wondering....

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o_o Nice sales for GeoW2

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capcom heard the west's plead for tri AWESOME!!!

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Why are people getting so many thumbs down just for giving their opinions?

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It is good to see GoW2 on the list. I didn't knew that the Japanese gamers loved shooter games.

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Nice go monster hunter.

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wow, 3 mil in 1 week. thats insane

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Wouldnt it be funny if FF13 sells better on 360!...Well Im a be one :D

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Nintendo is pure domination. I wonder if the age group that has the Wii and DS will convert to the PS3 in the years to come.....

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wow them japanese actually love gears of war. Famitsu even gave it a higher rating than killzone2.

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This is the last big title for the Wii this year in Japan guess 4th quarter will be for PS3 with FF13, EoE, ToV, Gundam and age of trinity.

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Just everyone that see a new of a great wii game said that he won´t buy a Wii just for this game? I think that I have seen this comentary at least on 30 wii games.

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Too bad it will never be that big here.

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Why in the world is the DSi selling so much more? A normal DS is perfectly fine, thank you, even if I'd just buy it for Devil Survivor and FF Tactics Advance 2. I'm not surprised PS3 sales are so low over there. Too many shooters and not enough RPGs. PS3 is mainly FPS-dominated, PSP and PS2 had far more RPGs, hell, the only PS2 I play these days are RPGs, and most of my PSP games are RPGs. The PS3 needs more decent RPGs. I'm sick of FPS, there's too many. Another Call of Duty? They're coming out too quick. BioShock 2? Didn't the first just come out? WarHawk or Battlefield 1943? Does anybody CARE? Killzone 2? A nice way to show off PS3's ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney Processor to make the game look more realistic than real life, but otherwise another paint-by-numbers FPS. Bloody regenerating-health-denoted-by-amount-of-colour-in-screen... Come to think of it, GTA and MGS morphed somewhat into shooters when going onto PS3...

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Monster Hunter Tri and Dragon Quest IX bot got 40/40 from Famitsu. Wonder if Monster Hunter will stay on top of charts like Portable 2nd G did last year.

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dear kavadias1981 have you ever hear about the ds 2 gigabit game card

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So, when is it coming out in America?

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Gears of war 2.... :lol: finnaly

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Wow evangelion

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Atleast a 360 game made it to the top 10 list, I only see Wii, DS and PSP(suprise, suprise), and then some ps2. Wait, no ps3? Oh snap!

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This game rocks. I can't wait until the series are decently advertised and introduced to the West so they can finally start making sequels in more western dominated platforms, like the PS3/Xbox360) or even the PC.

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Too bad the PS2 version is superior and came out 3 years ago..............pwned!!!

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Another sales owning by N

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Ahh so everyone in Japan is back to buy their eighth Wiis and their fifteenth DSes.

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I hope they bring that classic controller package to Europe as well.

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The ps2 sequel will be released first!