Big in India September 2011: Preorder bonuses galore

This month, gamers in India will experience a plethora of game promotions ranging from Sony's Uncharted 3 to EA's blockbuster titles.

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Since we're heading into the busiest time of the year for game releases, this month's Big in India news roundup will focus on upcoming games and the various preorder promotions being carried out around them in India.

Preorder Uncharted 3, win a PlayStation Vita, Bravia LCD TV

Sony is going all out to make sure that the Indian launch of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is a success during the crowded early-November release window. One method in securing this is to give buyers a chance to win a PlayStation Vita portable console. Three lucky winners stand to win Sony's upcoming handheld (which will be delivered after its Indian launch).

Gamers in India can win a PS Vita if they preorder Nathan Drake's third odyssey.
Gamers in India can win a PS Vita if they preorder Nathan Drake's third odyssey.

Also up for grabs is a 32-inch Bravia LCD TV. If gamers aren't one of the lucky four, Sony is also giving out several PlayStation 3 skins and 3D posters for other lucky draw winners. Sony has only just confirmed these details, so gamers should give it a few days before they start seeing these promotions in retail stores.

EA kicks off Blockbuster Hits 2011 promotion

EA has three games set for release during the coming months alongside a few preorder incentives for gamers. FIFA 12 is just a few days from release, with Battlefield 3 following in October, and Need for Speed: The Run in November. If customers preorder any of these games from one of the participating retailers in the EA Blockbuster Hits 2011 promotion, they can throw their names into the hat for a lucky draw, featuring prizes like the iPad 2, the iPod Touch, Battlefield 3 pen drives, and 3D posters.

Additionally, if customers preorder the PC version of one of these games, they stand a chance to win a PS3. Head over to the promotion page for the list of participating retailers and for more information about the above lucky draw.

Modern Warfare 3 PC version coming to India

The last couple of years haven't been kind to Call of Duty fans and PC users in India, as the PC versions of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops weren't locally released in India. This year, however, Activision's Indian distributor Worldwide CD ROMs has confirmed that the PC version of Modern Warfare 3 will be available in India, although the price has yet to be confirmed (the console versions of the game will retail for Rs3,499 [$71.53]).

Modern Warfare 3 will be distributed by Worldwide CD ROMs in India.
Modern Warfare 3 will be distributed by Worldwide CD ROMs in India.

WWC is also conducting a preorder campaign for the game; pre-booking the game for the Xbox 360, PS3, or PC will get fans a free Modern Warfare 3 cap.

Limited edition cover for Batman: Arkham City preorders

Warner Bros. and Express Interactive are pulling out all the stops with their Batman: Arkham City preorder campaign. Preorder and first-run copies of the game will be available in a special limited edition lenticular 3D cover. In addition, those who preorder will get a flat Rs100 ($2) discount on their purchase, plus free bonus downloadable content, although we don't yet have confirmation on what this DLC will include.

Furthermore, one lucky buyer will get a free upgrade to the game's Collector's Edition, and five others will receive 100 percent cash back on their purchase. There is also plenty of other Batman: Arkham City merchandise to be won, including T-shirts and key chains. However, this is only applies to the console versions.

Some other preorder promotions are in line with what's being offered by publishers in other markets:

As is the case elsewhere in the world, all preorders of id's latest will be automatically upgraded to the Anarchy Edition, which will include four pieces of bonus DLC. Only the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Rage will be available in India.

Gamers who preordered Rage will get their copy upgraded with some anarchy.
Gamers who preordered Rage will get their copy upgraded with some anarchy.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations:

Those preordering the PC, Xbox 360, and PC versions of the game will receive the game's Special Edition, which features special packaging, the game soundtrack, and three pieces of in-game content. These are the Turkish Assassin Armor and two multiplayer characters: the Crusader and the Ottoman Doctor. Additionally, all PS3 copies of the game will include the first Assassin's Creed game.

Saint's Row: The Third

Preordering the upcoming action game will get you the Professor Genki DLC pack, which includes Professor Genki's Super Ballistic Man-a-pult, Professor Genki's "Octopuss" Cannon, and Professor Genki's Leisure Stunt Suit.

WWE 12:

A DLC code for The Rock will be available as a preorder bonus.

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