Big Huge Games resurrecting Left Behind

Rise of Nations developer licenses technology to developer of religious real-time strategy game for a sequel.


While Left Behind: Eternal Forces, the first interactive adaptation of the apocalyptic Left Behind Christian fiction series, was crucified by reviewers upon its release earlier this month, publisher Left Behind Games has already announced a sequel to its real-time strategy game.

However, the company isn't going it alone this time. The publisher has signed a multiyear technology licensing agreement with developer Big Huge Games, which has no shortage of experience in the real-time strategy genre. In addition to being the studio behind the critically acclaimed Rise of Nations and its Rise of Legends spin-off, Big Huge Games was founded by four veteran developers with plenty of RTS pedigree from working on genre hits like Civilization II and Alpha Centauri.

Released earlier this month, Left Behind: Eternal Forces has been the subject of controversy, most recently in the form of a boycott organized by a number of Christian organizations. A petition directed at Left Behind Games says Eternal Forces involves killing non-Christians and Christians who don't convert to a particular form of Christianity. The petition also claims it teaches teens that activists are "wolves in sheep's clothing," and that non-Christian aid workers like doctors and nurses are enemy forces who can be killed.

Left Behind Games CEO Troy Lyndon dismissed the groups' complaints, saying they haven't played the game through. He added that his company's only desire is "to have a positive impact on an industry that traditionally has had a dark influence on gamers and the world."

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