Big Horizon: Zero Dawn Update Out Today, Here's What It Does

New Game+ and a new difficulty mode arrive today.


The latest update for Horizon: Zero Dawn arrives later today, and it's a big one. While much of it deals with unexciting (but welcome) things like fixes for bugs and progression issues, it also introduces two options that existing players will welcome.

The first of update 1.30's big additions is New Game+ mode. In fairly standard fashion, this allows you to play through the game after completing it without sacrificing the items you've collected or the experience you've accumulated. Horizon's level cap remains 50, though Guerrilla notes you can still collect experience while playing. Along the way, modified versions of weapons and outfits from the standard game that feature an extra modification slot will be available. However, these are particularly pricey.

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Additionally, a new difficulty setting, Ultra Hard mode, has been added. Playing on this difficulty "will enhance machine senses and behavior and will limit player health regen and other additional smaller tweaks," Guerrilla explained in a PlayStation Blog post. You can opt for this level of challenge at the beginning of the game, but you won't be able to lower the difficulty once you've done so.

New Game+ offers the opportunity to earn a pair of new Trophies. One is for simply completing New Game+, while the other is for doing so while playing on Ultra Hard. Neither of these counts toward Horizon's Platinum Trophy. Full patch notes can be seen below.

Update 1.30 is the first update released since May, which was before Guerrilla and Sony announced the first DLC expansion for the game, The Frozen Wilds. A trailer for this was shared at E3 in June, and as the name suggests, it will feature a snowy wilderness setting.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Update 1.30 Patch Notes

Patch Summary

  • New Game+ added for players who want to play through the game with their existing gear.
  • Ultra Hard mode is added for the players that are up for another challenge!
  • Added two new trophies to the game: One for completing New Game+ and one for completing New Game+ in Ultra Hard mode.
  • Added support for all EU and US text languages on EU and US games.

General Fixes

  • Fixed an issue for some players in The Looming Shadow where two guards would disappear after Blameless Marad speaks to them.
  • Fixed an issue for certain players with the Lodge Ropecaster where the ropecaster's anchors that are automatically shot in the ground would not stick to the terrain while shooting from a crouched position.
  • Fixed an issue for some players where bandit camps would incorrectly display as 'Undiscovered' within the world map if the player had cleared all bandit camps.
  • Fixed an issue with Cauldron Zeta where for some players the quest log would disappear after completing the quest.
  • Fixed an issue that some players encountered with the animations of Aloy. When the player would perform a melee attack and use the Focus almost simultaneously, it would cause Aloy's upper body to twist unnatural for a moment.
  • Fixed an issue with the humanoid scream and attack indicators.
  • Fixed an issue in Deep Secrets of the Earth where for some players the data points in Sobeck's office were not obtainable if the player wanted to pick them after the explosion caused by Helis, as they had disappeared.
  • Fixed an issue with the Tearblaster statistics being incorrectly displayed in the weapon wheel.

Progression Issues Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Field of the Fallen where for some players Erend would not appear and thus blocked progression of this quest.
  • Fixed an issue in The City of the Sun where some players might teleport through the protester scene, blocking progression as Erend would not open the door to Olin's apartment.

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed miscellaneous crashes.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Minor text fixes.

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Avatar image for Mirimon78

Sadly, there was a missed opportunity for adept lodge weapons via more challenging hunts...

Other than that ultra hard mode was nice to run in ng+

Avatar image for StammBladecastr

New Game +... DLC... It's almost as though they don't want me to sell my copy once I plat.

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I've played through game once and it took me almost 80h to the get the platinum. Great game but it isn't worth it to play it again at higher difficulty for 2 trophies. I'll wait for the DLC to go back to this glorious game.

Avatar image for Mirimon78

@clefdefa: eh, I've got over 90hrs into mine.. sometimes I like to simply enjoy watching giant dinobots fight each other.

Avatar image for huey1979

ive loaned the game out, will have to try these once i get it back. honestly i thought the game was too easy, especially once i got the power armor, and my weapons just seemed over powered. maybe ultra hard diff setting will make it better.

Avatar image for stickybun

Loved this game... but after you beat it there currently isn't much reason to go back.

Avatar image for samurai1313

How do you acquire more modification slots? From a vendor or are they added in the update?

Avatar image for Mirimon78

@samurai1313: some of the vendors on the way to meridian have a couple, but just go straight to meridian in ng+ mode and find vendor. They replace shadow weapons (and some lodge gear also, because they failed to add adept lodge gear...), takes about an hour to rush through campaign to get there, if feared, and depending on difficulty.

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@Mirimon78: im on the mission searching for the missing nora victim killed by those crocodile looking things.

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@samurai1313: ah yes, I recall that part

Avatar image for vanquishre

It seems that the new cosmetic facepaint and focus is locked behind higher difficulties, which is annoying because I love this game to the point I platinumed it, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to replay at Ultra Hard just for some cosmetics.

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I am continually in awe at just how much support Guerilla games has given this title since launch. Buying the DLC at the end of the year just to show support of such as fantastic developer who goes above and beyond the call when it comes to quality titles.

Stick that up your arse Bethesda/Arkane for your total lack of support for PS4/Pro despite so many issues with Prey weeks and weeks after launch.

Avatar image for m-kswiss

@deviltaz35: Mass Effect Andromeda needs more support. Bioware isn't as proactive about it tho

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@m-kswiss: Yeah it looks like they only care about Mp in that game now so not much point holding out that they will fix the single player game properly.

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@lonesamurai1: Your loss. :)

Avatar image for JEF8484

@lonesamurai1: Its as solid a 30fps you could ask for though. Not too shabby. It is ridiculous though they dont patch or make more games that give you the Nioh options.

Avatar image for romeothebeast

@lonesamurai1: I'm with you! I don't see why PS4 Pro can't get a patch to have the game running at 60fps. I don't even plan on buying a Pro but still something they should have aimed for.

Avatar image for gamersince78

@lonesamurai1: what a stupid comment lol you are a moron. If you were so concerned with 60 fps why are you even on you are going to troll, try and be better at it lol

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@lonesamurai1: Maybe , it's almost really really good. I played it most of sunday and that is the first time i have actually managed to get into it properly as i kind of found it boring. It does improve alot though over time as others have said. I still don't like the lack of water interaction as it just looks stupid. How that hasn't been improved over the numerous patches is odd i feel. Why add a stupid photo mode and not just improve the water interaction?

You are in this world for so long and it's just a shame it is not all that interactive with the environment. Aside from that some of the combat especially against humans is just downright clunky (Especially in tight spaces).

If they can continue to improve the combat against people to be as fluid as combat against the robots then this would really help.

I still think overall this is a fantastic game but it's not as amazing as Witcher 3 for instance which just has such a cohesiveness to it that i haven't found elsewhere.

With all the herb and twig gathering it does remind me of Witcher 3 alot.

I also noticed you can stand up on a high ridge and just kill pretty much any large creature as long as you work out exactly where it runs up to and back. Takes a couple of mins but if you get this right you can just use fire arrows to take down just about anything without taking damage. This works especially well for the large croc like dinos in the water that fire the waves of ice at you.

I love the underground exploration in this game though , i just wish there was far more of that instead of it all mostly being above ground.

Avatar image for khanwashere

@lonesamurai1: i doubt you will come out of closet about the 30fps games you've played over the years and still enjoyed.

Avatar image for nikon133

@lonesamurai1: In reality, though, it is your loss. Great game, great experience.

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@lonesamurai1: It's not really needed. It has near perfect frame pacing and incredibly low input lag. A joy to play. I wish if more games had to be 30 fps they were this polished. My third favourite game after the Surge which is 1080p HDR 4k and Wipeout on PS4 Pro which is 60 fps Native 4k HDR when you turn off motion blur.

Avatar image for dudebropartyyo

@lonesamurai1: For some games it doesnt matter if its 30 or 60, dont be so bloody ignorant. Dont like it dont play it.

Damn it every day i play on my PC and PS4 and still play PS3 with all kinds of fps, great game is a great game. Look you didnt even try playing this game at 30fps

They lost nothing, you lost out an amazing game that wont be on any other platform, so move on, play a PC game ;)


Avatar image for deviltaz35

@lonesamurai1: lol well it depends on the game . I play some games on PC at 144 fps and that is way too fast for some shooters. Doom gives me a headache at 144 fps. 60 would be better :) . Mad Max was great at 144 fps granted.

I never wanted to play that at 30 fps :)

Avatar image for pcps4xb

@lonesamurai1: yes they would prefer it especially for fps game's. But this game not being 60fps does not take away how amazing it is. As a gamer it should not be missed. If any game can be 30 and not suffer in gameplay, its 3rd person games like this and uncharted. I just recently played sniper 4 on pc with over 60fps and it didn't really benefit me much. It does look more fluid but it also looks fake. Ino 3rd person games look better at 30fps if they can pull it off like uncharted, horizon and gears 4

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@lonesamurai1: I guess as i get older i don't care as much as my reaction times are not as good as they used to be so i don't play MP games anyway. I just prefer low input lag and smoothness and honestly when you play Horizon you don't really notice it's not running at 60 fps. Especially when you jump on a mechanical horse.

I love how you can use the horse to fight as well.

I do agree for games like Ratchet and Clank that require more precision and timing that 60 fps is great on the PS3 though so i much prefer that despite how pretty the new PS4 pro version is.

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@lonesamurai1: Fair enough but it's a good enough game to play is all and it's never going to come to any other platforms unfortunately. I would love to see it with a full blown physics system on PC for instance.

Shadow of Mordor was great but like Arkham Knight unfortunately i ended up with RSI trying to do the fighting moves. lol

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@lonesamurai1: Yeah , well there is talk of a Horizon like game coming to Xbox One and PC so who knows that could be cool with all that extra power on hand.

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@lonesamurai1: Good point time will tell i guess. Not too sold on some of the voice acting in Horizon though. It seems a bit out of place :) . Yeah Witcher 3 is definitely right up there. Interested to see what happens with the Xbox One X and Ps4 pro patches too. Glad they are going to do that.

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@lonesamurai1: True i have a 980ti i didn't mind it on that at 1440p . Just curious what they can do on the console is all :)

Avatar image for alaskancrab

@lonesamurai1: Huh? Yeah like it has nothing to do with the games themselves not selling enough that they are Windows... and second that somehow you think the Windows Store is remotely a decent experience is funny.

Sorry I don't feel at a lost that Sony gives you a reason to buy a PS4...

Avatar image for alaskancrab

@lonesamurai1: hate to remind you about E3 where they've already gone back to console exclusives...You must be some lost adult who has fallen for this what for the THIRD time already, but I'm just a kid, never played a GFWL game or anything like that...