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Big Free Update For PC's Galactic Civilizations 3 (And Crusade) Out Now, Here's What It Does

Gal Civ III and its Crusade expansion receive some upgrades.


The latest update for Galactic Civilizations III is now available, and developer Stardock describes it as making "some massive engine enhancements." It arrives for free for everyone, with those who own only the base game in particular seeing a large number of changes.

Among the changes in update 2.5 for those with only the base game are some of the enhancements introduced in the Crusade expansion earlier this year. That includes its refined UI and better AI, which are things that Stardock now says it doesn't want to have restricted to an expansion. "I view Crusade as practically a sequel to the base game, not just an expansion," said CEO Brad Wardell in a press release. "We really don't want to get into the business of charging money for AI and engine upgrades, so we'll continue to improve both games in order to achieve the best possible results."

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Galactic Civilizations III Update 2.5 Base Game Improvements

  • UI: The cleaner and more functional UI from Crusade is added.
  • Economics: Galactic resources now accumulate, like in Crusade.
  • Diplomacy: More informed trade offers, better resource trading, and the "trade bar" from Crusade are added.
  • AI: Substantial improvements to the AI system from Crusade have been added.
  • Performance: The AI system has been moved to a core-neutral engine.

If you already own Crusade, update 2.5 does more than just upgrade the base game. Base game and Crusade owners alike will, for instance, see faster turn times.

Galactic Civilizations III Update 2.5 Base Game + Crusade Improvements

  • Improved AI
  • Better game balance
  • Faster turn times
  • Increased performance

Update 2.5 arrives today on Steam for free to all players. The base game costs $30/£23, while Crusade goes for $20/£15. The two are also available in a discounted bundle for $40/£30.

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