Big Free Update For PC RTS Ashes Of The Singularity: Escalation Detailed

Update 2.4 will be joined by a free co-op map pack.


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A big patch and free DLC are on the way to Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation, developer Stardock announced today. The 2.4 update arrives next week.

2.4 improves and addresses a huge number of areas. The menus and UI have been reworked, difficulty has been adjusted for all three campaigns and certain scenarios, and modders gain access to more areas of the game. Brand-new in this update is Vulkan support, which Stardock says should improve both "OS compatibility and performance."

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There are also numerous balance changes to air, anti-air, drone, and dreadnought units, with the goal being to "improve strategic diversity." Additionally, the Substrate has seen unspecified changes meant to help distinguish it from the PHC.

Alongside the 2.4 update, Stardock will release a free DLC pack with nine new maps that are "designed for cooperative play." Teammates' spawn points will be located closer together, and each will have their own "clearly defined" set of resources, which should prevent them from having to compete with each other.

Both the free co-op DLC and update 2.4 are planned for release on August 24.

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