Big E Announces He's Cashing In His Money In the Bank Briefcase On Tonight's Raw

Mr. Money in The Bank Big E has announced he's cashing in tonight.


When WWE performers win their respective Money in the Bank briefcase, it means they're guaranteed a title shot at anytime, anywhere. Some have cashed in suddenly, creating epic moments. Others have given fans, and their opponents, the heads up about their intentions. The current briefcase bearer, Big E, just dropped a huge development for tonight's edition of Raw.

"Let’s let that cat out of the bag," he tweeted. "I intend on cashing in my Money in the Bank contract tonight and cashing in to become WWE Champion."

Since winning the contract, Big E has shown up randomly in backstage bits, usually taunting Paul Heyman or MVP, the respective managers Roman Reigns and Bobbly Lashley who both hold the company's top two championships.

In his career, Big E has won the Intercontinental Championship, Tag Team Championship, and is a former NXT Champion as well. This is his first time really being seen as a serious contender for any world title since transitioning to a single star on Smackdown.

Earlier in the day, Fightful had reported that Big E was going to be used tonight in some appearances, which escalated quickly to him announcing his intentions and he soon became a trending topic on Twitter. Fightful then commented it wasn't sure if he was even serious.

Should Big E successfully cash in, he will be only the fourth Black WWE Champion ever.

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