Big Destiny Update Arrives Today

Bungie's online shooter getting major patch today that introduces item-lock feature, bigger Vaults, changes to ammo, and more.

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[UPDATE] Destiny's 1.1.2 update is rolling out now.

The original story is below.

Destiny fans may need to wait until May to play the game's House of Wolves expansion, but the online shooter is introducing a variety of changes much sooner--today, in fact--by way of the game's latest patch.

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Update 1.1.2 will launch across Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 today, April 14, sometime in the morning Pacific time.

"The wait is over," Bungie wrote on Twitter.

Among other things, Destiny 1.1.2 includes bigger Vaults (see above), item-lock functionality to help players avoid accidentally deleting hard-earned items, and changes to Special and Heavy ammo.

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Destiny's next expansion, House of Wolves, launches May 19. The add-on will not feature a new Raid, though Bungie is working on one for a future Destiny release.

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