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"Big" Dark Souls News Teased for Tomorrow [UPDATE: IT'S A CLOTHING LINE]

Bandai Namco's "big news" is a clothing line dedicated to Dark Souls.


[UPDATE] Bandai Namco has announced that the "big news" was the launch of a Dark Souls clothing line for Europe. You can see all of the items--shirts, hats, etc.--here in the store.

The original story is below.

Dark Souls fans, you're getting some "big" news soon, it seems. Bandai Namco UK's Twitter account today teased that the company will share some "big Dark Souls news" tomorrow, April 8.

The tweet doesn't specifically mention Dark Souls III, so it's possible this announcement is related to some kind of non-gaming project.

Another possibility is some details on Dark Souls III's upcoming expansion packs or possibly something else altogether. We'll have all the details tomorrow when the news it announced.

Dark Souls III comes out on April 12 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is already available in Japan, having launched there on March 24.

GameSpot's Dark Souls 3 review awarded the sequel 8/10.

"There are several possible endings to Dark Souls 3, and although most are anticlimactic, they drive home the loneliness of the paths we took," said reviewer Mike Mahardy.

"The old lords have abandoned their posts, and in the hunt to usurp them, we descend into those dark valleys, and climb those imposing peaks. This is the essence of Dark Souls III: periods of doubt, followed by great reward. The journey may be rocky, but there's a throne waiting at the end."

In other news about Dark Souls III, you can watch Silicon Valley actors TJ Miller and Kumail Nanjiani play the game and make jokes about it.

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