Biden's Inauguration Prompts Delay To Elder Scrolls Online: Oblivion Reveal

Bethesda has delayed an announcement event for The Elder Scrolls Online due to the recent riots and more.


Bethesda had planned a big event for The Elder Scrolls Online for January 21 where it would announce more details on the new Gates of Oblivion expansion. However, the developer has now delayed the event to the following week to get out of the way of President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration.

In a follow-up tweet, the developer said it's delaying the announcement event due to the recent US Capitol riots and out of an abundance of caution for what could happen on inauguration day. Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States on January 20 during a ceremony in Washington D.C.

"Given recent events, we are opting to play it safe. We have players all over the world, but the majority of our employees live and work near the capital," the developer said.

Developer ZeniMax Online Studios is based in Hunt Valley, Maryland, which is relatively close to Washington D.C. Bethesda's main headquarters is in Rockville, Maryland, which is even closer to the US capital.

The Elder Scrolls Online reveal event will now take place on Tuesday, January 26, starting at 5 PM ET. During the show, ZeniMax Online boss Matt Firor and Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines will discuss what's next for the ongoing multiplayer game.

Elder Scrolls Online creative director Rich Lambert and "other special guests" from the development team will also be on hand to reveal what's new in Gates of Oblivion.

Everyone who watches the reveal event on Twitch with a linked account will get the Viridescent Dragon Frog pet for free.

The Viridescent Dragon Frog pet
The Viridescent Dragon Frog pet

The Gates of Oblivion expansion is the next "year-long adventure" for the MMO. Little is known, but Bethesda has teased that it will feature an "epic new storyline that'll take you and your companions to the very edge of oblivion."

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