Bible game Call of Abraham heads to Steam Greenlight

Call of Abraham submitted to Steam's community-based user-voting platform.


Following its launch on Kickstarter earlier this week, developer Phoenix Interactive Studios has submitted its Bible-based game Bible Chronicles: Call of Abraham to Steam Greenlight.

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Steam Greenlight allows Steam's 65 million members to have a say in what games appear on the digital distribution service through its community-based voting system.

The Steam Greenlight page for Call of Abraham is currently filled with comments voicing a range of opinions about the game. Some users are saying they would support such a game, while others believe the title will only continue the trend of mediocre Bible-based games.

Meanwhile, the Call of Abraham Kickstarter campaign is not off to a quick start. At press time, the project has amassed just $2,354 of its $100,000 goal from 48 total backers. The campaign closes on February 6.

Call of Abraham is described as the first Bible-based game of its kind thanks to its "top-notch" graphics and "action-packed" story. In the game you play as a member of Abraham's caravan and will travel to cities like Memphis and Haran before partaking in the Battle of Siddim.

According to Phoenix Interactive Studios, most of the game's programming, terrain, and characters are finalized. Funds from the Kickstarter campaign will go towards expediting the development process while also giving developers the resources needed to optimize character models and cinematics.

Overall, Call of Abraham aims to "stir hunger for God's word," according to developers. They even say that Bible-based games can be "far more rewarding" than others.

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