BF2's Special Forces ready for action

Expansion to Electronic Arts' military shooter in stores and online; six elite squads come equipped with special items.


Digital Illusions CE's Battlefield 2 stormed onto PCs last June, bringing modern-era combat to the franchise that had already covered World War II and Vietnam. The game sold like gangbusters, reigning over the PC sales charts for weeks.

Given the success of BF2, it made sense that DICE would soon announce an expansion to the game. Like any good elite squad of well-trained soldiers, Battlefield 2: Special Forces entered retail when most of the world was busy focusing on other news.

The expansion, developed by Digital Illusions Canada, is now on store shelves and available via download from EA's download service for $29.99. The game requires the original Battlefield 2 to play, and is rated T for Teen.

In the game, players select soldiers from one of six factions: US Navy SEALs, British SAS, Russian Spetsnaz, MEC Special Forces, rebels, and insurgents. Soldiers will be outfitted with advanced weaponry, elite gear, and all-new night-vision technology. There will also be 10 new vehicles to commandeer, and persistent character growth allows players to advance their skills.

For some in-depth intelligence on Battlefield 2: Special Forces, check out GameSpot's preview, or read a full review of Battlefield 2.

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gotta get this game

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I though it will be free!!! I dont know, I will be playing in Battlefield 2 (not SF!)

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The EA downloader worked find for me Same here I don't know what people are **** about also the errors might have to do with your Time zone settings and hard drive space

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The EA downloader worked find for me last week and I installed the game just after 10:00 AM PST. I am enjoying the new weapons and playing night maps. See you all on the battlefield!

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STEAM was a clusterf**k for me, as I was supposed to get a copy with my ATI card. No! Didn't happen! ATI blamed STEAM and both jerked me around for months and I gave up - hmmm sorta like rebates from some retailers. Anyhow, I want a place to go to for replacement or refund. Errrrgh, it still chafes me. Even a friend bought me a copy as a gift and loading it made me angry - so I've still not played it. Looney...and angry. Hey, that's how you are supposed to feel in the HalfLife2 world right.

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Steam worked fine for me from day 1. I guess I'm experiencing what a lot of people went through the day Half Life 2 came out. I'm disappointed because EA clearly has the resources to make stuff like this work...they are not exactly breaking new ground here. I paid for the game and I want to play it gosh durn it. EDIT: * MUST....BE....NORMAL.... I like my money to go to developers, not brick and mortar shops with slackers for employees. BTW (2nd edit) I feel that a lot of what is included in Special Forces should have been included in the original Battlefield 2... EA loves them expansion packs (uhhh, the Sims?) $90 later, I might have a complete game to play. Shame on EA...shady business practices and treating their employees like crap isn't cool. Gamers aren't stupid and should vote with their wallets. /knows they won't

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Steam was great if you bought the game online. I was up and running 15 minutes after midnight when half-life 2 came out. This expasion does look cool though. Also wouldn't you rather have the packaging with the game. I feel like im not getting much when I pay for a download.

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Yeah, just go buy the game at a store like normal people. STEAM sucked, learn from other people's mistakes. $30 for a decent-sized expansion is heck of a good deal, imho, especiallyi considering the rip-off prices of the next-gen console games ($60? LOL)...

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well your missing out then

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EA had over a year to ape Steam and they still messed it up. Non-descript errors during installation. $30 to play on launch day?? Yeah right... EA is this | | close to losing my money forever.

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It should only be $20 since its a expansion pack only.

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w00t. Wonder what the 10 vehicles are. All I know of are the ATV, Jet Ski, and that crazy FAV with the three mounted guns on it. The other's are just probably versions of the APCs/tanks and whatnot for the new countries.