BF2's Special Forces ready for action

Expansion to Electronic Arts' military shooter in stores and online; six elite squads come equipped with special items.


Digital Illusions CE's Battlefield 2 stormed onto PCs last June, bringing modern-era combat to the franchise that had already covered World War II and Vietnam. The game sold like gangbusters, reigning over the PC sales charts for weeks.

Given the success of BF2, it made sense that DICE would soon announce an expansion to the game. Like any good elite squad of well-trained soldiers, Battlefield 2: Special Forces entered retail when most of the world was busy focusing on other news.

The expansion, developed by Digital Illusions Canada, is now on store shelves and available via download from EA's download service for $29.99. The game requires the original Battlefield 2 to play, and is rated T for Teen.

In the game, players select soldiers from one of six factions: US Navy SEALs, British SAS, Russian Spetsnaz, MEC Special Forces, rebels, and insurgents. Soldiers will be outfitted with advanced weaponry, elite gear, and all-new night-vision technology. There will also be 10 new vehicles to commandeer, and persistent character growth allows players to advance their skills.

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