BF2 invaded by Euro Force

First booster pack for Battlefield 2 out now...seriously this time. $9.99 nets download of new vehicles, maps from EA Downloader.


After a bit of confusion and a false start, the first booster pack for the popular PC military shooter Battlefield 2 is now available, a day earlier than previously expected. Battlefield 2: Euro Force was originally scheduled for release in February but was held up because of issues with the latest Battlefield 2 v2.1 patch.

Though not a proper expansion pack like the previously released Battlefield 2: Special Forces, Euro Force still adds three new maps, including fights near the Great Wall of China and skirmishes in the Taraba Quarry. Also in the booster pack are four new vehicles and seven new weapons.

Gamers can now download the pack for $9.99 by heading over to the EA Downloader. Euro Force requires the original Battlefield 2 to play. For more information on Battlefield 2, check out GameSpot's review.

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