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Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition Gets A Launch Trailer

Ubisoft unveils the trailer for Beyond Good and Evil's 20th Anniversary Edition, which is getting a physical release as well.


Fans of Beyond Good & Evil have been expecting an announcement about the 20th anniversary edition since it leaked in a playable form last year. The game also missed the actual 20th anniversary at the end of 2023, but better late than never! Ubisoft has released the launch trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition, which shows a new generation of gamers what they can expect to see.

Beyond Good & Evil was originally released in 2003, and it put players in the role of Jade, an investigative reporter and spy who lives on a mining world called Hillys in the 25th century. When her world comes under attack by aliens known as the DomZ, Jade accepts an assignment to catalogue the species of Hillys before she is drawn even deeper into the ongoing invasion.

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Now Playing: Beyond Good & Evil - 20th Anniversary Edition: Official Launch Trailer

The original version of Beyond Good & Evil was pulled from most of the online gaming storefronts ahead of the new edition. Some of the features of the 20th Anniversary Edition include upgraded graphics, controls, and audio, as well as 4K support and an anniversary gallery. There will also be a new "treasure hunt" that reveals more about Jade's childhood. According to Ubisoft, this mission will also include "a narrative link" to Beyond Good & Evil 2, the sequel which has been in development for a very long time.

Ubisoft briefly pulled the trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition because it accidentally preempted Limited Run Games' announcement of a physical edition later this year. Fans who only want the digital version of Beyond Good & Evil won't have to wait that long. It will be available on all platforms starting on June 25.

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