Beyond Good and Evil HD Hands-On

Ubisoft polishes up a fan favorite action game for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.


Ubisoft had a nice little surprise for fans of Beyond Good and Evil when it unveiled an HD upgraded version of it at a recent press event. The game, developed by Michel Ancel’s Montpellier studio, was originally released in 2003 for the GameCube, PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox and garnered attention for its unique gameplay and colorful characters. Ancel’s studio is working in conjunction with Ubisoft Shanghai, who is handling the upgrade, to polish up the beloved title and toss in some modest extras.

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The original Beyond Good and Evil was a stylish, unique title when it hit stores in the fall of 2003. The game cast you in the role of Jade--a reporter on the planet Hillys--who was tapped to investigate the military dictatorship that was allegedly defending the planet from an invasion from the alien DomZ. The game featured an eye-catching art style and gameplay that mixed stealth, action, puzzle-solving, and photography into a surprisingly cohesive and fun package.

The upcoming HD version of the game will offer a cosmetic upgrade to the original visuals and bring them up to 1080p. There will also be improved audio. In addition, you can expect the standard inclusion of achievements and trophies, as well as an all-new leaderboards feature. While there wasn’t much information on just how the leaderboard feature is going to play out, the work-in-progress Xbox 360 demo on display at the event featured a handful of levels to showcase the visual upgrades. The five levels on display let us explore the ancient mine, pedestrian district, east district, Alpha Section HQ, and main shaft areas. The selection of areas alternated between letting us control Jade by herself or in conjunction with her right hand pigman Pey’j to explore levels, as well as pilot her hovercraft vehicle. The demos handled pretty well, with the camera being a little tricky in spots--just like the original game. As far as the visuals go, the game is starting to look nice and shiny. The game’s art style seems to be scaling up well.

From the look of things, Beyond Good and Evil HD will be a solid upgrade of the fan favorite game. The promise of high-definition visuals, improved audio, and the chance to earn some achievements or trophies should please fans. We’re curious to see just how the leaderboard feature is going to work, although we expect it to be tied to how fast you can get through an area or your picture-taking skills. We'll also be interested to see if there are any ties to the next installment in the series. We know, it’s doubtful, but we can dream. Most importantly, the upcoming digital release of the game gives it a second chance to find a bigger audience. If you never had the chance to play Beyond Good and Evil, you should definitely keep an eye out for the game when it is released next year. At the moment, there’s no word on an exact release date or pricing. Look for more on the game in the coming months.

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Avatar image for Dante1366

I love beyond good & evil & it's perfect that i can refresh my memory before i can play the second one.

Avatar image for Albaficas

finaly a classic game in HD...i smell a beyond good and evil 2 soon since they realese this now in HD XD....Ubisoft enough with assassins creeds the game is overated now start focus in this masterpiece.

Avatar image for shii666

God I love this game. I am sure that I will buy it. I can't wait to replay it after so long.

Avatar image for Shadow_Fire41

after seeing part of a walk through, i have to say, i likely will get this.

Avatar image for Reach-The-Myth

@magusat999 Is it not an arcade game?! If its full price, I completely agree, it's not worth it... Yet an arcade game would be worth checking out wouldn't it?

Avatar image for magusat999

@Reach-The-Myth Well as I remember it, the game didn't look that bad to need an update. Not like Final Fantasy 7, which was a great game but graphics suffered. BG&E came much later in the PS2's lifecycle and looked pretty good - good enough that HD is total overkill - and unnecessary. What they should do is sell it in a double pack with BG&E 2 instead of pimping it out like it's going to be so much better just because it's "HD"... I say save yourself about 50 bucks and buy the PS2 version from the bargain bin, then you can use the rst of the money for BG&E 2 instead!

Avatar image for magusat999

@SpedKnigh Thanks for your unnecessary advice - but what I said OBVIOUSLY doesn't apply to you or anyone who has not played it. If you haven't played it then I emplore you to - it's a great game, but if you have already, then BIG WHOOP - who cares about an HD version? Gimme BG&E 2, not some regurgitated HD or even 3D (probably the next iteration of the same old games) crap.

Avatar image for SEGAmaniac7

You call that HD?

Avatar image for deactivated-5a5f623fa2551

Beyond Good & Evil and Metal Arms: Glitch in the System were my two favorite underdog titles of 2003. I'd like a BG&E sequel, but I'll take an HD remake, too. Ubi Soft is putting out a lot of interesting stuff over the next year--what with Child of Eden and Rayman Legends and all.

Avatar image for Onigun

What a bad interview. I hope she wasn't being paid to sell the game because she did a pretty poor job.

Avatar image for frostbourne

Definitely gonna check this one out.

Avatar image for Shaddap

Great game. Pick it up if you haven't already!

Avatar image for EKGProd

I have been hearing that they haven't fixed the frame rate and it has been abysmal in a lot of areas. Let's hope they can fix that before shipping.

Avatar image for WllDan7

I rather have the sequel. Come on ubisoft announce something about the sequel..

Avatar image for Reach-The-Myth

@magusat999 I see what you mean, yet why wouldn't you pay for an update to a highly decorated game - If you enjoyed it a lot the first time round - Why not experience again 7 years later - There will definately be bits that you won't remember from the original... I remember not enjoying it much in my youth (I was only 9 :O), yet I think I shall enjoy it this time round, as its more story driven than other games that I used to play, yet I do love a good story =D

Avatar image for Rahnyc4

so you can basically get this on the pc for 9 dollars, hd and all..

Avatar image for howie1926

This is great. I never got a chance to play this when it first came out and I hear so many great things about it. Now I can finally experience it for myself without having to go dumpster diving at a flea market to find a copy!

Avatar image for wogboypaul

i hope they do this for the persona games (especially 3 and 4).

Avatar image for SpedKnight

@magusat999 then dont buy it...youve already beaten it so technically there is no reason for you to... me on the other hand, i have hardly played it and am looking forward to getting a chance to do so...

Avatar image for ScionofEntropy

Considering my PS2 died recently, this'll be a good chance to play again.

Avatar image for StevoT81

Its definately worth it, great game!

Avatar image for EvrenDawn

This is one of those games I heard a lot of good things about but never got a chance to play it, especially now that my old xbox is gone. I'm glad I'll be able to find out what was so great about it soon.

Avatar image for marinerfan182

I never played it when it first came out. Glad i'll get a chance now.

Avatar image for magusat999

WHO CARES. This is lazy and cheapass move. I liked the game very much but not enough to play it again - much less PAY for it again just because it is "HD". I saw the trailer for BG&E 2 and that's the only one I am going to pay for. FAIL and PASS. besides, I still have my PS2 - and higher resolution is not going to make this game any more entertaining. Pathetic.

Avatar image for neuroboy

Great game, a classic, one of my all-time faves on the Gamecube... nearly bought it on Steam for PC a few months back but will wait for the Xbox Live HD version... looks like it's not just a case of upping the rez but a rework with new textures etc, so should end up looking better than the PC version.

Avatar image for pogswarts

No PC version?

Avatar image for Huwbutts

Wow, she's a keeper :\

Avatar image for hyksiu

I hope they achieve a good remastering with this.

Avatar image for volcomstoner180

the sequel is being release right after this comes out I believe

Avatar image for Feelbest

They've got to be kidding me... a whole year for something i've already played and not the sequel! I'm so disappointed

Avatar image for KyoHaomarush


Avatar image for drufeous

Love this!! Psychonauts please.

Avatar image for Omar1313

Waiting for Prince of Persia re-release (The Sands of Time - Warrior Within - The Two Thrones)

Avatar image for burnout_toreach

@nchan I'm not really that sure as i own it for PS2, I've played the demo of it and it had the options to ad ant aliasing (for some reason this option for some reason wasn't;t enabled) and there's another commenter who says he has the PC version and from his post it is in HD. So i guess it's platform specific but honestly the PS3 and 360 are getting so out of date now that if it came out for PC there's no question it look better hope that helps

Avatar image for kabalzer0

ya ya a game from the golden age of gaming :) the last generation was the best ever, with all its awesome new IPs and it was the first generation with good 3D graphics :D games today are nothing compared to Beyond Good & Evil! NOTHING! ya they look better but the play worse! too easy, too short!

Avatar image for nchan

I am confused by this HD release. I thought the game was HD on the PC ages ago. Time to find my copy.

Avatar image for ropumar

This version is almost a confirmation that Ubisoft is doing B&G 3 and will se light of day in this console gen.

Avatar image for TheMistique

i already have BG&E HD. came out for pc years ago.

Avatar image for tntgrunge5

Glitch does not know how to give an enterview

Avatar image for Rickystickyman

Whoa Glitch is horrible! She doesn't know how to talk about a game. Wow.... just wow....

Avatar image for Sparticus1013

This HD re-release seems to me like they're setting the table for BG&E 2. God I hope so.

Avatar image for max_roadkill

Really bad interview, "Glitch" knew nothing about the game.

Avatar image for HowTheyKilledUs

"Glitch" sounds like an absolute moron.

Avatar image for GunnBjorn

If this HD version does well, it might open the door for BG&E 2.

Avatar image for talool1

There was online leaderboards already for the first game...

Avatar image for Nericor

I'll get it. Hopefully this means we have a chance of getting a sequel.

Avatar image for the22for4

Not interesting at all (where is Beyond Good & evil 2 ?)

Avatar image for kmconstable

One of the few games I have kept from my Xbox days. Just a great game. Not too easy either and an amazing story too. I will probably get this.

Avatar image for HardcoreX360

This is a great game