Beyond Good and Evil 2 Is Still Happening, Says Director

Jade lives on.


Ubisoft's anticipated action-adventure game Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still in development, director Michel Ancel has revealed. The subject was broached during the final episode of the second season of Devs Play, a series hosted by Tim Schafer and Greg Rice from Double Fine.

The show invites various developers of classic games on to play through them and discuss the development process they went through. In this episode, the trio played through the first Beyond Good & Evil game.

At the very end of the episode Schafer asked Ancel whether he was in the headspace of the game because he was making a sequel, to which the latter replied, "Yeah, but it's difficult because it's hard for me to do the same kind of game two times. I always want to do something different." Ancel also revealed that Shigeru Miyamoto had played Beyond Good & Evil at E3 and was not a fan of the game. The episode can be viewed in the embed above.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 was first announced in 2008, during which Ancel revealed that that project had already been in preproduction for a year. Ubisoft last confirmed the game to be still in development back in 2014, after new concept art for protagonist Jade was revealed. There have not been any more official announcements made since then, although Ubisoft did confirm that the game would be coming to "next-gen" platforms.

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