Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is Officially in Development

Ubisoft confirms its Montpellier studio is working with Michel Ancel on the Beyond Good & Evil sequel.

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Now Playing: GS News Update: Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is Officially in Development

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After much teasing, Ubisoft has officially announced Beyond Good & Evil 2 is in development. The announcement was made on the Beyond Good & Evil Facebook page, which features the previously released concept art posted on series creator Michel Ancel's Instagram page.

"If you've been waiting for news about BG&E ... Well here you go! We are delighted to confirm that Michel Ancel is currently working with the Ubisoft Montpellier studio on a new Beyond Good & Evil game."

Ubisoft's Montpellier studio has contributed to a number of the company's previous games, most recently Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands. It also developed the well-received Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends titles.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 was first announced in 2008, but Ubisoft didn't show or talk much about it in the time following, leading many to question whether it was still in development. At E3 2016, Ubisoft chief executive Yves Guillemot confirmed that Ancel was working on Beyond Good & Evil 2, though he could not say when we'd see its official reveal.

"It's difficult to say," Guillemot said. "Michel is working on it, but he's doing two games at the same time--he's doing Wild at the same time. It's coming along, but he has to spend more time on it, so we can see it faster."

This isn't the first time Ubisoft has said Beyond Good & Evil 2 is in development, but given the numerous pieces of concept art Ancel has posted lately, it seems like the company is ready to fully commit to the project this time.

Ubisoft also filed a trademark application for "Beyond Good & Evil" in April 2016.

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Avatar image for Yams1980

i hope they make it more open world like GTA

Avatar image for PyreofKoL

It's about damn time. I'll have this on preorder as soon as it goes up for it.

Avatar image for cornbredx

That's great news, but it's been such a long time I can only hope it lives up to it's legacy. Beyond Good and Evil is a great game.

Avatar image for smokerob79

if any of you want to play the first on PC its going to free the 12th or 15th of this month on UPLAY.......

Avatar image for barcaazul

This was announced before the last gaurdian I think

Avatar image for playstationzone

Don't care put jade in game don't make it NX exclisive .

Avatar image for cherub1000

while this is great news, guys, we all need to completely forget about it, then one day when we pass it on the store shelves we will know that it's definitely real!

Avatar image for biggamerdude

Just realised. I don't think GS is aware there is actualy gameplay footage of BG&E2.

This is the link on youtube.

Avatar image for nadsat-77

@biggamerdude: This footage is from when they first announced for the PS3/xb360 a long time ago. The concept looks interesting (kinda Uncharted like) but unfortunately got canned, i hope they go with something similar for the real deal now that it is official.

Avatar image for KungfuKitten

@biggamerdude: Interesting, interesting.

Avatar image for animefan4744

I love this news, please don't make it an exclusive for any system.

Avatar image for garfield

May be it's a good time to play 1.

Avatar image for smokerob79

@garfield: if you have PC its going to be free on uplay on the 12 or 15th of this month.......

Avatar image for cherub1000

@garfield: can't go wrong there bro. absolutely fantastic and even now I'll plug in the xbox to play it again!

Avatar image for darkouer

Probably NX exclusive... too bad

Avatar image for deactivated-5b0457a4d6084

@darkouer: I thought it was also, but it's not. I'll get this on PS4 Pro.

Avatar image for Prats1993

@darkouer: Lol, no.

Avatar image for fanboyman

@Prats1993: Why not? If Nintendo saved BG&E it would make sense. Think about it, rumors swirling this game was dead, then we start hearing about the NX, then we start hearing about this game again. Where there's smoke there's fire my friend, personally I don't care either way.

Avatar image for nintendoboy16

@fanboyman: Remember the Bayonetta 2 fiasco? Even the 10/10's didn't help SEGA and Platinum from breaking free of the bullshit they received from fans.

Avatar image for Exceed20XX

@fanboyman: Considering how last time Ubisoft backpedaled on making a game of theirs Nintendo exclusive (Rayman Legends) I kind of doubt it unless Nintendo are pulling a Bayonetta and funding its development.

Avatar image for wrestlemaniaw

HL3 might come out before this..

Avatar image for consolehaven

@wrestlemaniaw: Thing of it is, unless Valve did something truly special with HL3 I wouldn't even bother to pick it up. They've snubbed their noses at their fans and swam comfortably in milk flowing from the udder that is Steam for far too long for me to care, and I'm sure there are lots of others who think the same. Beyond Good and Evil, though, that was a title that underperformed and the fact another is in the works is amazing.

Avatar image for rolento25

@consolehaven: Maybe they haven't made a HL3 because it would never live up to the hype...

Avatar image for mrbojangles25


Avatar image for Xristophoros

so the doubters were wrong about ff xv. they were wrong about the last guardian. they were also wrong about beyond good and evil 2 ever seeing the light of day. it will indeed. the only game that may never release is half life 3, but with the way things are going, even that is likely to rise from the dead at some point down the line.

Avatar image for HiddenWarrior

@Xristophoros: Hope they are wrong about Half Life 3!

Avatar image for Exceed20XX

@Xristophoros: At some point. I mean Shenmue 3 is happening and that really seemed far off also. The bigger question tends to be does the wait pay off? Eventually we'll see.

Avatar image for yaacov226

Any Platforms announced? i hope it's not gonna be exclusive like in the NX rumor...

Avatar image for PyreofKoL

@yaacov226: Welp, on the off chance that is exclusive, then that will be enough to make me buy an NX.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@yaacov226: not a chance. who in their right mind would put out an exclusive on the nx, an unproven platform which will have a tiny userbase for at least the next couple of years?

Avatar image for biggamerdude

@Xristophoros: Don't assume it will have a tiny userbase. Could be big.

Avatar image for xgalacticax

@Xristophoros: We've got an oracle over here everyone.

Avatar image for spike6958

@Xristophoros: If anyone was going to it would be Ubisoft. They've said nothing but good things about the NX, also the rumors state that Nintendo has funded the production of BG&E2, much like they did with Bayonetta 2.