Beware: Yet Another Galaxy Note 7 Replacement Catches on Fire [UPDATE]

AT&T is no longer exchanging new Note 7s amid the issues.


Update: Another Galaxy Note 7 caught fire over the weekend, according to The Verge, news which was followed by reports from South Korean news sources saying Samsung had halted production of the device. CNBC reports that Samsung said it is adjusting shipment volumes for the device, though it didn't confirm an outright stop to shipments. Meanwhile, Verizon and T-Mobile have joined AT&T in no longer exchanging new Note 7s.

Original Story: If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you should strongly consider returning it--even if it's one of the replacements distributed after phones began catching fire and exploding, prompting a recall.

The Verge reports that a Virginia man woke up to find the phone, which he received as a replacement after returning his original Note 7 in September, had caught fire on his nightstand, filling his bedroom with smoke. It's at least the fourth case of an incident with a replacement Note 7 in the United States alone, with one starting a fire onboard a flight prior to takeoff this past week.

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All major mobile carriers in the US are offering exchanges for Note 7s. However, in light of what's happened even with replacements, AT&T is no longer offering exchanging Note 7s, GameSpot sister site CNET reports. Instead, customers can hand over their Note 7 for another device.

The exact scope of the issues with the Note 7 remains unclear, as Samsung has not been especially forthcoming. But it is clear that you should be extremely cautious if you have one that's powered on.

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