Beware Spoilers, Resident Evil Village Reportedly Now In The Wild

Watch your step on social media: Resident Evil Village appears to have leaked in the wild, so some unscrupulous types may blurt out spoilers.


If you're planning to play Resident Evil Village and want to go in fresh, be aware: The game appears to have leaked in the wild, which means that spoilers may be circulating shortly. The official release is still weeks away, slated for May 7.

A post from a Twitter user shows the game box, and a follow-up shows the back in response to another fan asking about it. The box appears to have PEGI ratings, meaning that this leak at least was in the European region. They also claimed that the game install size is roughly 27 GB.

Capcom is taking an interesting approach to Resident Evil Village demos, rolling out multiple demos in several phases over time. The next opportunity starts on April 24 for PlayStation owners, and then in early May all platforms will get a chance to check out both of the previous demos. These demos are all time-limited, though, so you'll need to play them while you can. A beta test for Resident Evil Re:Verse, the multiplayer component of Village, has also been running recently.

Resident Evil Village has been getting a lot of attention as the next major entry in the classic survival-horror franchise, especially for its breakout star, Lady Dimitrescu. She's evil and lovely and very tall, so naturally she attracted fans. Capcom has leaned into the popularity by detailing her design and teaching you how to pronounce her name. The fans, meanwhile, have speculated on things like what would happen if she actually stepped on you. (Spoiler: It would hurt, a lot.)

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