Beware: People Spoiling Star Wars 7 Through Star Wars Battlefront, XBL Messages

Be careful out there.


Reports are now coming in that some people are using Star Wars Battlefront to post spoilers about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which just opened in theaters widely on Friday. The PC version of Battlefront lets players create their own unique avatars. This being the Internet, some people have decided to change theirs to contain spoiler-y content for the new movie, according to a Reddit forum thread.

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The console versions of Battlefront for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are apparently more spoiler-free.

Separately, a NeoGAF thread has popped up that claims people are going through their Recent Players list on Xbox Live and sending spoiler-filled messages about The Force Awakens. All of this is to say: be careful out there--in games and everywhere else--if you're trying to avoid Force Awakens spoilers.

The Force Awakens is already a huge hit, breaking records domestically and around the globe. For more on the movie, check out GameSpot's spoiler-free review.

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