Bethesda teases new project but rules out Fallout 4

Publisher teases currently unannounced project on Vine.


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Bethesda has posted a short teaser video on social media service Vine.

The teaser shows shots of barbed wire, followed by a spinning 33 1/3 LP by The Moonlight Trio and George Shackley. Flashes of Johann Sebastian Bach and Air on the G String can later be seen.

While Johann Sebastian Bach was featured in Fallout 3's soundtrack, speculation that Bethesda was teasing Fallout 4 was promptly shot down by Bethesda VP of marketing and PR Pete Hines on Twitter. The latest rumours suggest Fallout 4 will reportedly be set in Boston.

Last week Bethesda promised to make "considerably more noise" in 2013 as a publisher.

Other Bethesda projects rumoured to be in development are ZeniMax Sweden's "Project Tungsten," with previous speculation pegging the game as a new entry in the Wolfenstein series. Earlier this year Wolfenstein popped up on the quickly-edited resume of composer Julian Beeston, with a release date of 2013. Beeston marked the game as in development at MachineGames, which was purchased by ZeniMax in 2011 to become ZeniMax Sweden.

ZeniMax also registered the URL back in May 2012.

MachineGames was founded in 2009 by former members of Starbreeze Studio, developers of The Darkness and The Chronicles of Riddick. ZeniMax has said the team is working on a title using id Software's id Tech 5 engine.

The teaser could also potentially be for Project Zwei, the survival horror game in development by Resident Evil designer Shinji Mikami that Bethesda is publishing.

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Avatar image for Ratsneve

Don't value DLCs and/or replaying the game x number of times. Those schemes won't work on me.

Avatar image for Ratsneve

The game to beat now that we wait and wait for new rumors in RPG open world form is The Last of Us. The Last of Us isn't RPG or open world--I wish it was... And this time do the mods for us who don't like to wait for them--including a useful map to mark off or edit what you accomplished or not at every location.

If you just have to do an MMO game PLEASE PLEASE do an option or means in it to play the entire game solo!

Avatar image for simon1812

I think they r taking the concept of "teaser" way too far. u can tell absolutely nothing from this.

remember that teaser for starwars first assault? pair of hands handling and putting on a storm trooper's helmet? now thats a teaser!

Avatar image for amar1234

That whole studio gonna be swamped with that new MMO, i think they will shelve and delay everything else. They gonna put all their efforts in to the MMO. If it wasnt for the MMo we would probably have news on Fallout 4 by now. I know that there are 3 different studios, but they all work together .

Avatar image for B_STATS

Doubt they'll be working on FO4 when they got so much backlash for releasing Skyrim on the old engine. They need to design a brand new engine from the ground up otherwise they'll lose sales big time. I'm calling no more Beth RPGs until at least a year into next gen.

Avatar image for bikesmusiclife

This looks like The Evil Within. In their trailer they have barbwire and Bethesda's name. However, I agree with Monkinsane. This really doesn't mean they're not working on Fallout 4.

Avatar image for Monkinsane

Bethesda Softworks & Betheda Game studios are 2 different entities.

Bethesda Game Studios is a game Developer, The above teaser is for a game Bethesda Softworks are releasing - nothing to do with Bethesda Game Studios.

Bethedsa Game studios might very well be working on Fallout 4.

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how about a fall out where it's not just 1 state or area but the whole us or maybe even the world , we have seen in fall out 3 they had machines to fly , you could use these and the fast travel system like when you walk to travel to lots of different areas. 1 thing i liked in 3 that wasn't in nv is the good evil ending , in nv it didnt really matter if you were good or bad.

Avatar image for Simppu

I hope it's Fallout 4 location NY

Avatar image for Batmaann

@Simppu That would be so awesome!! Central park for a bit of greenery and Empire State buildin for high rise action! it would be so cool if they had high rise levels that connected so there is a whole high rise world with out needing to go the street level.

Avatar image for ryogapower

a new IP would be really, really nice.

Avatar image for Owner34

New game "JumpIn"

Avatar image for ROBISONYROBERT

xd sorry after looking at the record spinning I just couldn't help but putting it

Avatar image for aryanbrar

it better be fallout related cause war never changes.

Avatar image for scroft16

f''in gutted , if u want my money make fallout 4 or NV2

Avatar image for JBo796

@scroft16 new vegas sucked

Avatar image for Flip1094

Ohhh I hope its Project Zwei!!

Avatar image for fredyellowone

No Fallout 4? No buy.

Avatar image for xeoneex66

@fredyellowone God forbid one of the better gaming companies makes somethign NEW *overly hyped underappreciated GASP* Grow up bro.

Avatar image for Grenadeh

@Vidpci Well for starters in those 5 years they were working on FO3 DLC that was still coming out for 3 years after release, not to mention they were kind of making Skyrim. Fallout 4 isn't even ready to be shown off yet I'm sure.

Avatar image for Hellbishop

Terminator Future Shock 2

Avatar image for Grenadeh

@PSYCHOV3N0M @leviathanwing That's not just gamers, that is at least 2 generations of retarded people. Grammar is no longer taught in schools, evidently. So potential subjective is not something "Millenials" or Generation X'ers are keen on.

Avatar image for oOhedzOo

The adds in the videos are too long. Do they really need to make it too long?!

Sometimes I go to check on a video when a long add comes, I just say "screw it!" and shut down the video or watch it on youtube.

Avatar image for meatz666

@20years @oOhedzOo So many Ads added that became Adds. You must be bad in math, right? :)

Avatar image for meatz666

@oOhedzOo You know, journalists eat too. :)

Avatar image for oOhedzOo

@meatz666 @oOhedzOo They don't have to eat all of us! .. I know what you mean. they need the money from the adds.

I'm just saying please let me skip it or something. I've watched it for the 100th time and I want to watch other adds for gods sake let me choose!

Avatar image for meatz666

@ck10304 @oOhedzOo @meatz666 I wouldn't doubt Adam. He's the man. The problem is not the add, I know. It's always the same FREAKING AD! :)

Avatar image for ck10304

@oOhedzOo @meatz666 One word: AdBlock. How many people need to keep complaining about ads when the answer has been shouted from the rooftops (aka comment sections) from YouTube to Gamespot to IGN?

Avatar image for The-Neon-Seal

Also, if I could pick anywhere for Fallout 4 (as long as it was in the US) I would pick washington state over Boston. Desert/wasteland is a little stale now, but imagine all the possibility for horrific mutation in a dense forest! Man eating trees anyone? Fog? Weather in general? Werebears- oh, wait... :s

Avatar image for Diablo-B

@The-Neon-Seal Actually I would prefer a NY setting. This was you would have large abandoned builds, tons of rubble and a vast system of subways to explore. Not to mention all the rivers, bridges, and sea.

Avatar image for Batmaann

@Diablo-B @The-Neon-Seal As well as central park!! and the empire state buildin!! would be sooo cool!! also something a bit more like DAYZ would be incredible!!

Avatar image for ck10304

@Diablo-B @The-Neon-Seal That would be dope

Avatar image for DGWTF

New Vine video out by Bethesda check Pete Hines twitter

Avatar image for The-Neon-Seal

A piece of music by Bach can be found on the golden disk attached to the Voyger 1 space probe. Could it be a reference to 'starfield'?

Avatar image for genjuroT

I highly enjoyed the 2009 Wolfenstein game. I think it was a way better game than Bioshock Infinite. I only compare the two because they are the last two linear fps games I played all the way through. My wife also called the ending to infinite halfway into the game, no joke...I recommend if you are a hardcore gamer but want to see what the game's story is, just rent it for a $1 and beat it within 3 hours. Don't waste $60 on infinite when you will never play it again after 3 days. I guess the same goes for any linear fps without multiplayer.

Avatar image for Grenadeh

@genjuroT each their own I guess. Also I highly, highly doubt that. The ending was predictable to anyone who knows sci-fi but not up to the last detail.

Avatar image for genjuroT

@Grenadeh In the middle she said "Dewitt is..." (not gonna spoil for others) but you get what she said, it was three words. She didn't guess the whole process in fine detail, no, but she guessed about Dewitt. It's been done many times before in many movies(dewitt's story and ending that is). She also didn't call what would happen to Dewitt in the end either. Anyway, she only called the biggest twist in the game.

Avatar image for genjuroT

@Grenadeh (SEMI-SPOILER) I don't know what to say guys, all she said was who Dewitt was, maybe up to 3/4 in. We like to call things before the end. My guess was that the ending was going to be like the Final Fantasy 8 ending(I was wrong but you can see why I guessed that with all the quantum events).

Avatar image for Grenadeh

Well I mean other than the constant black/white office scenes where they kept saying bring us the girl and the whole time you knew they meant Elizabeth, but you didn't truly grasp the situation until the end.

Avatar image for ck10304

@Grenadeh *spoiler* I agree, however I called Anna almost from the beginning, they made it pretty obvious, though it wasn't immediately apparent who Anna was to Booker

Avatar image for Grenadeh

@genjuroT Based on a wild guess, there was absolutely no indication whatsoever at any point in the game that was the case before the end.

Avatar image for timdogg42069

From the barbed wire I'd guess the survival horror game before the Wolfenstein but I'd surely love a new Wolfenstein game

Avatar image for ux1077

A new IP would be nice, Bethesda is starting to get a little stale, like Epic, EA, Activision, Ubisoft.

Avatar image for nasser_m200

it sounds like Fallout LOL or it b4 fallout starts lol

Avatar image for punksterdaddy

I hope this is something new and not just another sequel?

Avatar image for AlexFili

@punksterdaddy Seems that way

Avatar image for punksterdaddy

@AlexFili @punksterdaddy

It would be a real nice change. Something new?

Now that's radical thinking, right there!

Avatar image for punksterdaddy

@ck10304 @punksterdaddy @AlexFili

Yeah, like...

Warhammer 40,000.

I have no idea what the first 39,999 were like, I never played them.

Avatar image for ck10304

@punksterdaddy @AlexFili It sounds like crazy-talk nowadays. 90% of games seem to have a number at the end