Bethesda Settles Lawsuit Over Westworld Game It Claimed Was A Ripoff Of Fallout Shelter

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

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The lawsuit that Bethesda brought against developer Behaviour and media giant Warner Bros. over a Westworld video game has come to an end, it seems.

Bethesda and Behaviour announced that they have reached an amicable settlement, though no terms were disclosed. Bethesda initially said Behaviour's Westworld mobile video game was a "blatant ripoff" of Fallout Shelter.

Behaviour worked on Fallout Shelter, and Bethesda further alleged that Behaviour "illegally" used the same copyrighted source code from Fallout Shelter to developer the Westworld game. Not only that, but Bethesda claimed Behaviour "copied Fallout Shelter's game design, art, animations, gameplay features, and other elements.

Bethesda was suing Behaviour and Warner Bros. for "copyright infringement, breach of contract, and misappropriation of [Bethesda's] intellectual property."

Filings with the United States District Court in Maryland, where Bethesda is located, show that Bethesda and Behaviour came to terms on a settlement in principle back in November 2018. A notice dated December 12 confirms that Bethesda and Behaviour "resolved their dispute." Bethesda, Behaviour, and Warner Bros. each will bear their own costs, including attorney's fees; however no other terms of the settlement were disclosed. It is not uncommon for settlement details to remain under wraps.

The Westworld game, which is free and supported by microtransactions just like Fallout Shelter, remains available to download on iOS and Android.

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Avatar image for lostn

who doesn't love a good lawsuit-monger like Bethesda?

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

So it was a blatant illegal rip off.

Avatar image for newbpwnr

Would love to see Bethesda sue anyone who makes unfinished buggy open world survival games.

Avatar image for lembu90

Pretty much mobile games in market of these days are rip-offs. For example BanG Dream Girls Band Party is a crappy rip-off to Love Live! School Idol Festival or watered-down, dumbed-down Guitar Hero. Heck, even Guitar Hero was a rip-off to an obscure Japanese arcade game GuitarFreaks.

Avatar image for Bread_or_Decide

@lembu90: Except the same people

who made FO shelter made another game using the exact same code after signing a deal with bethesda to NOT do that very thing.

So yeah, not the same.

Avatar image for zero0010

@Bread_or_Decide: Did they make the code themselves for Bethesda, or did Bethesda give them the code to make the game?

It unclear what they work on, so depends on what they work on for the game.

Let give "Behaviour" the benefit of doubt and say Behaviour wrote the code.

Developer tend to use the same structure to write the code in their previous games to the next, if they doing same type of game systems in the next title.

It is like Bethesda asking an artist to change their art style after they done 1 work pieces for them.

Behaviour could be in the wrong hear IDK

Their has been a lot of abuse of copyrights in the last couple of years, because they have money..

copyright laws still need to be improved for abuse

Avatar image for ccgod

@lembu90: theres a difference between being a rip off and using the same source code.