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Bethesda parent fathers MMOG publisher

Newly formed ZeniMax Online Studios to be headed up by Matt Firor and will focus on online gaming.


ZeniMax Media Company, the parent of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion creator Bethesda Softworks, has set up another company in its stable. Called ZeniMax Online Studios, the focus of the new entity will be massively multiplayer online games.

Veteran MMO producer Matt Firor has been hired to head up ZeniMax Online. Firor, one of the founders of Mythic Entertainment, has worked for over 10 years on MMOs, including the Dark Age of Camelot, Godzilla Online, and Aliens Online. In 2006, Firor left Mythic to set up Ultra Mega Games, an online-gaming consultancy company.

James Leder, COO of ZeniMax Media, commented, "We are excited about the opportunities we have in the online gaming space."

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