Bethesda on Wii U support -- "We will see"

Marketing VP at Elder Scrolls, Fallout studio confirms no games in development for Nintendo's latest due to "a number of factors."


Super Mario 3D World

Fallout and Elder Scrolls publisher Bethesda has confirmed in a new interview that due to numerous factors, the company--at least right now--has no games in development for the Wii U.

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"It's a number of factors," marketing VP Pete Hines told MCV in response to a question asking what the Wii U needs to do to get Bethesda on board.

"The truth is, it's not something that we are currently developing for. I don't know whether that changes down the road or not," he added. "It depends on the games that we are making and how we think it aligns with that console, and how the hardware aligns with the other stuff we are making. We will see."

Some of Bethesda's biggest upcoming games include The Elder Scrolls Online, The Evil Within, and Wolfenstein: The New Order.

The Wii U has sold 3.45 million units worldwide to date, below Nintendo's expectations for the platform. The company hopes to spur sales--and in turn third-party interest in the system--by launching marquee first-party titles like Pikmin 3 (August), Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (November), and Super Mario 3D World (December) this year.

High-profile first-party Wii U games on schedule for next year include Mario Kart 8 and an untitled Super Smash Bros. title, among others.

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