Bethesda Is Releasing An Unannounced New Game Before The End Of The Year

What are you hoping to see?


Bethesda Softworks, the publisher behind franchises like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, has another new release coming up this year that we haven't heard about, apparently. In an interview with Tek Syndicate recently, Bethesda marketing boss Pete Hines dropped the big tease.

"We have a ton of stuff going on; and we even have a game coming out this year that we haven't even told anybody about yet," he said. "They can wait. It won't be so long."

Pressed to say if this is a new IP or an extension of something in Bethesda's existing catalog, Hines wouldn't budge, so we'll have to wait to learn more.

After making the tease, Hines tweeted that people should "ignore" his comments. "Probably just had a concussion from the beating I took online and was rambling," he said. But he has since confirmed that tweet was a joke that some people didn't get. In another tweet, Hines said he stands by his original comments.

"I'm positive I knew what I was saying in the interview," he said. "The tweet was a joke I was making to MrMatty."

So there you have it. In 2016, Bethesda boss Todd Howard teased three "big and crazy" projects that the studio is working on. There is no word yet on what form these games might take or how many are in the works at Bethesda Game Studios between its Maryland and Montreal studios. We do know that The Elder Scrolls VI is coming, but it won't be for a while, because the developer wants to try new things.

"I think Todd Howard and his team have earned the right, given the quality of this stuff, to be able to say, 'We know everybody really wants Elder Scrolls VI, but we as creative people want to be able to do stuff that we're really passionate about,'" Hines said at E3 this year. "And I think once you see how the next two titles come out and then how Elder Scrolls 6 ties into what those games are doing and about, I think it'll all make sense. But I think it's going to be a while before all those things happen."

One of Bethesda's already announced 2017 titles is Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider, which comes out on September 15. Additionally, The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus are due out in October. Bethesda is also bringing Skyrim to Nintendo Switch this year. It's exciting to think about what else Bethesda has in the works for this year, and we should know soon.

What are you hoping to see? Let us know in the comments below!

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