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Bethesda Is Charging $7 For A New Starfield Mission, And Players Are Upset

Here's what some players are saying.


During the 2024 Xbox Game Showcase, Bethesda provided more details on its upcoming Starfield DLC, The Shattered Space. The studio also revealed the Starfield Creation Kit, which allows players to add new content to the game. Some players aren't happy that the latest DLC is behind a seven-dollar paywall, however.

In a June update video posted on the studio's official YouTube channel, Bethesda announced that players could download a new series of missions for a group known as the Track Alliance. The problem is that The Vulture is the second mission in the Tracker Alliance, and it costs $7 to buy. But it'll actually cost players $10 because they must purchase 1,000 Starfield creation credits to afford it.

Shortly after this was discovered, some fans took to the official Starfield Reddit to voice their concern (Via PC Gamer). One user jokingly asked if "Shattered Space actually just 2 quests in a trenchcoat? Probably not." Another user simply said, "Charging 7 dollars per quest is fu**ing stupid."

Players have also been review-bombing Starfield on Steam, and as of this writing, it has an overall rating of "Mixed." Many of the negative user-reviews are criticizing the additional charges.

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