Bethesda Has No Plans For Battle Royale, Pete Hines Says

"We tend not to go chasing after trends."

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Battle royale is big, and E3 2018 had its share of battle royale announcements. During EA's press conference, DICE revealed a battle royale mode for Battlefield V, and Nintendo revealed Fortnite on Switch without its original Save the World mode. Bethesda, on the other hand, did not mention anything about battle royale modes for any games during its E3 2018 press conference.

Bethesda did announce DLC for last year's Prey that introduces a new multiplayer mode. Called Typhon Hunter, it pits five Mimic players against one human player. In the spirit of new modes coming to existing Bethesda games, we asked Bethesda Global Senior Vice President Pete Hines whether the publisher had any battle royale plans up its sleeve. Short answer: no.

"We definitely have nothing battle royale-related," Hines said. "We tend never to want to follow anybody else into a space; we didn't go chasing after Facebook gaming when that was the big trend. Just because battle royale is popular doesn't mean it's a good fit for us or our studios."

He continued, "If somebody comes up with a thing that's battle royale or battle royale-esque that they think is unique or different or cool, it's probably something we'd consider, but we tend not to go chasing after trends. We want to be pushing ourselves to offer different experiences and do new things."

That means the upcoming Rage 2, which releases Spring 2019, won't be getting a battle royale mode any time soon (if ever). For the full interview, watch the video above, and for more on Bethesda, see our roundup of all the news out of Bethesda's E3 2018 press conference.

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Fallout 76 is essentially a battle royale though.

Avatar image for Wiro_

@Fartman7998: Uh no since PvP is a small part of the game. The game revolves around PvE and doing quests.

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@Wiro_: No, they've confirmed that the quests are a "found world thing", not normal quests, so it's not as much a focus as it is a bonus when you stumble upon them. There's no NPC's handing quests out.
But you are probably right that it is PvE focused, but the survival type.

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@Wiro_: Somehow I doubt that.

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So I guess we can call it now.

Battle Royal confirmed for Rage 2

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Why they keep using that picture of Rami Malik?

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Good. **** anything with the phrase “Battle Royale” in it.

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@tingtong: Why? More interesting than just another survival game or deathmatch/team-based multiplayer. And with the big map and amount of players required to do BR, there's a lot more options for variations of it, like the temporary modes we've seen. In other words, they can do BR without making it a big deathmatch.

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@tingtong: Royale with cheese.